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Wedding in Sicily: “authentic luxury” experience

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Wedding in Sicily: why choose it and enjoy an experience of “authentic luxury”

Every day I wonder why future married couples should choose a wedding in Sicily. Wedding is such an important day that choosing where to celebrate it is a difficult and stressful task.

I am not only talking about the location as the place of the ceremony and the reception, but also about the chosen destination. Why would you dream of marrying in Sicily? What could you experience in my land so different and unique?

In my blog I have already written a post titled “Why getting married in Sicily?” in which you can find some valid reasons. Whit this article I would like to say why in my opinion marriage in Sicily is a real meaningful choice.

the groom embraces the bride in Sicily

What remains is what you live

I’m sure of that. You can forget what you said and maybe even what you did. But what you feel cannot be erased by time. The emotions of an instant are forever imprinted on the skin.

Do you agree that this is exactly what happens on your wedding day? Even after years, grooms cannot forget their heart that went crazy at the first sight of seeing the bride in her wedding dress. The brides remember their father’s trembling arm that made them feel like women and once again like girls.

the bride gets excited and cries 
while the father takes her to the altar

What would be left of your special day, if the destination you have chosen also guarantees you these strong emotions? The answer is only one: everything!

You’d get married every day remembering what you lived through. So would your family and your guests. Treat yourself and give your loved ones a real and deep experience. Treat yourself to a wedding in Sicily and an “authentic luxury”.

What is Authentic Luxury?

The concept of luxury has no unambiguous definition and starting from the etymology of the term up to its social dimension there is a lot of literature on the subject. What is certain is that the meaning of luxury is closely related to the psychological and emotional dimension. 

Most people associate luxury with the cost of a product or service. Others believe that luxury is something beautiful but at the same time superfluous. Others consider luxury something exclusive and uncommon.

I can tell you that luxury is something so extraordinary and precious that it is priceless to me. It is something so powerful that it transcends the passing of time and things that change.

The luxury of authenticity is indulging in unrepeatable moments made from simple things that are now rare. Authentic luxury is experiencing adventures with strong emotions that are unimaginable within the daily routine.

Authentic luxury is for me to still be able to eat pasta alla norma cooked by Sicilian grandmothers. They are the only ones who still keep the secret recipe handed down from generation to generation and today known by few, too few.

romantic photo of the couple among the Sicilian succulents

Reading this previous article you can learn more about why Sicily is the perfect destination to enjoy authentic experiences that have become a real luxury. 

Here I would like to tell you that if you decide to trust Sicilian Wedding and Event you will enjoy the benefits of a full service wedding planner who also offers 360° wedding support.

Wedding Support is in fact my way of understanding the path that leads the couple to a psycho-physical awareness and the interiorization of an experience of authentic luxury. Sicily can only be the ideal setting.

Experience Love in Sicily

In the past few months, I have been working with passion and determination on this new project of mine. Why would you dream of marrying in Sicily? Because you can experience intense and absolute emotions, you can get the best and the soul of this land and mix it with the essence of your love story

The looks, the hugs, the kisses, the promises of couples who choose a wedding in Sicily are as genuine and authentic as the luxury they have gifted themselves.

If I haven’t convinced you yet with these words follow the stories of happy couples who have had this experience and see for yourself!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Photo Credits: Giuseppe Santanastasio Photographer