Elopement Wedding in Sicily

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Elopement Wedding in Sicily: exchange vows for life in a dream location

What is Elopement Wedding and why choose to have an Elopement in Sicily? How important is the planning of an Elopement Wedding in Sicily?

“Elopement” is an English term that can be referenced to the term Elope meaning “escape, run away together”. Even if the term is not translated exactly into Italian, the idea of a sudden and somewhat reckless escape makes me think of the nineteenth century Sicilian fuitina.

Sure, at that time la fuitina had other ideals and values than the modern elopement. But I like to think that the idea of a romantic and passionate getaway is timeless and even back then someone would elope for love.

Elopements, modern love escapes, in fact, are evasions from everyday life chosen and desired by heart. What could be more romantic than a very intimate wedding, far from home, with a baggage of just love and adventure?

Probably nothing. Then if you choose a unique destination in the world, full of history, nature and tradition, your wedding day can become a real “authentic luxury” experience. (By the way, have you already read the post where I tell you about authentic luxury? If you have missed it I suggest you read it, you can find it here). 


The importance of the location in a elopement wedding

As in any legitimate elopement wedding, the absolute protagonists are the bride and groom. The couple who decide to “elope together” is driven by the desire to live their wedding day fully and intimately. 

Usually the “elopement” consists of getting away from home, choosing a romantic, but often also unusual, destination and location. Yeah, because the experience blended with poetry is a fundamental component of the elopement.  

The couple who decide to get married alone, sometimes without even the closest relatives, is an independent and confident couple. With the elopement wedding in fact makes a “declaration” of freedom and independence so resolute that the place chosen must be equal to their emancipation.

This is why couples are searching more and more often for a particular place with a strong personality and breathtaking landscape. They also feel the need to immerse themselves in the spaces and culture of that location, so as to fully enjoy the unique elements and emotions.

Once the place is chosen, what happens?

Once the destination has been agreed, we proceed to the planning of the ceremony, which most of the time is of a symbolic nature. Couples who choose the elopement wedding love to tailor their wedding, and the ceremony must also be very personal.

The symbolic rite is probably the most versatile and customizable type of rite. For this reason it makes it suitable for a ceremony that stands out and that can be enriched by any element desired by the bride and groom.

elopement-in-Sicily-exchange-of- promises

Besides the organization of the ceremony it is necessary to consider all the typical aspects of a wedding. For example the wedding dress, preparation of the couple, flowers, lunch or dinner, wedding cake, music, etc…  

Moreover, just because the couple has chosen a special destination, during an elopement wedding we arrange short tours. This to discover the destination and looking for authentic and unrepeatable emotions.  

Strive for impeccable planning 

Based on these first indications, I would like to give couples who choose to celebrate their wedding with an elopement wedding one big piece of advice: count on an impeccable planning!

That’s right! Even if you have no or very few guests, what will make your day stand worthy of you and your story will be the planning. 

Imagine having to choose a place away from home, in a destination you don’t know. And having to create something so wonderful that it will remain etched in time. Do not underestimate the importance of being supported by a professional who knows how to give you advice, building your day down to the smallest detail, and can help you optimize your budget.

In an elopement wedding in fact, the budget is certainly smaller compared to a wedding with a significant number of guests. This does not mean that all the services should only be re-proportioned, because some of them are very important. Just think about how much a high quality photo shoot and video are important to create a story and make it into a memento.

Elopement in Scopello

To provide you with an example of what I’m writing, I invite you to get moved by Calogero and Patrizia’s elopement wedding at the Torre di Scopello, a 16th century defensive watchtower that overlooks Scopello’s cliffs. 

Scopello is a Sicilian gem, a seventeenth-century village among the most sought after in the entire region. Thanks to Alberto Cosenza‘s photographic narration and Vito d’Agostino‘s wedding trailer, you can see Calogero and Patrizia’s breathtaking wedding day. 

I’ll share with you the whole story in my Gallery. Here instead, to wrap things up, I would like to give you a reading of the vows exchanged at the foot of the Torre and written for them by Beatrice Sirni

Nothing in By Change

Today I tell you my yes, but nothing happened by chance. In fairy tales everything seems random and at the end it seems that the arrival of the prince charming could not be foreseen. Our story, however, is nothing casual.

When I met your eyes I decided that I would have liked to meet him again. A crossing of glances, then a friendship that hid something important, lasting and rational. One us that could only be immediate, strong, true. One us, so true as to throw dishes and glasses on us but that would not be true enough if this did not happen. One us who sometimes hesitated but who was so strong as to push us to want it, despite everything. A us so immediate that it takes us immediately, with passion and intensity.

And here we are promising other something. I swear and promise you that nothing and no one will ever be able to break these words of ours. I swear and promise you that every time I look at your smile
I will fall in love more. I swear to you and I promise you that I will stay in your feet even when you don’t want me, in good and bad luck. I swear and promise you that I will be there when you are happy and when you are sad. I swear and promise you that this love of ours will never make you think of an ending, because a true love doesn’t have an ending, and unlike fairy tales, I can’t promise you an “and they lived happily ever after”, but I swear and promise you that I will do everything in my power to make your every day better than before and that together we will face every battle, with a smile and with our heads held high, so that we can write our story without an ending, infinite and inimitable. 


For me you are the essential

You are not my everything as someone would say, because there are so many useless things in everything and you have nothing of useless.

I have looked at the essential term for a long time before using it to describe you. Which replaces or contains the essence of a thing; substantial, indispensable; this is what the vocabulary says and it is exactly what you are to me. You are the substance of every day, and even of my whole life. the essential is the strict and necessary,
but I believe that for this the essential is everything.

That’s why I chose you! Because every time I have a day full of things to do, with many people around and a myriad of thoughts, your eyes are the only thing I care about. I chose you because for me choosing you was the simplest thing there was, as if it were a natural process, like breathing or eating. I chose you because every time I saw your smile, everything around it became colored. I chose you because you made sense even of the less obvious things that exist in the world.

For this and a million other things I tell you my yes and I promise you that in every day of my life I will be your essence and mine, that even when one of use is not well the other will be the essence that gives a reason to fight.

I promise you that I will be your essence even when we tell each other the worst things and I will make the essentials of those things. I promise you that I will be there forever, by your side, until this life allows me to protect you love you, and respect you, as every man should do with the woman he loves. As long as I breathe I will love you and we will be essence for each other, today, tomorrow and for eternity 


Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Credits: Photo: Alberto Cosenza Photographer; Video: Vito D’Agostino; Venue: Torre di Scopello; Bridal Maison: MORE; MUA: Francesco Paolo Catalano; Bridal accessory: Jonida Ripani; Flower: Cettina Sfravara; Chef Pastry: Alessandra Augello; Stationery: Amuri di carta; Table set: Medea Home Design;