Wedding graphic design: how to choose the right one

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Wedding graphic design: how to choose the right one

Why is it crucial to have a matching wedding graphic in all its elements? Because it is the heart of a harmonious wedding, one who can communicate to the guests the profound and univocal message the couple likes to transmit with her love story.

In addition to the purely aesthetic question: the balance of elements, colors, materials, and graphic designs influences the perception of beauty.

The concept of beauty certainly has a significant subjective component. Still, as the great masters of art teach us, especially our Italian Leonardo Da Vinci, the balance of shapes and dimensions, whether they refer to a face, a body, or a building, largely contributes to the general perception of its overall beauty.

The possibilities offered by modern graphics are almost endless. For this, it’s often challenging to orient oneself between techniques, materials, details, colors, and ideas: there are too many irons in the fire!

Let’s see together, which are the critical graphic choices for invitations, menus, tableau, guest book, and every visual element of a fairytale wedding.


Graphic design for invitations: choosing techniques and materials

Beginning the organization of your wedding, the save the date cards are one of the first things that jump in your mind. They are at the beginning of the timeline that will end with your big day.

Precisely because they are made well in advance, and often without a clear idea of ​​how your wedding will be – sometimes without having yet bought the dresses – it often happens that they are not given the deserved attention on the graphic level.

However, the announcements are the real business card of your big event. They are not simple paper invitations, almost a formality to be carried out in the shortest time and at the lowest price. Announcements represent your event, and for this reason, they must be carefully chosen.

Are you planning a modern yet elegant wedding? The latest techniques that use the engraving of texts and drawings (perhaps floral?) on plexiglass should be an alternative to think about!

Would you like a traditional wedding in a rustic background? I guess you won’t choose a glossy invitation with geometric digital graphics! Do you prefer a calligraphic style in antiquated paper or a modern graphic on handmade paper with cotton or hemp?

Whatever material and technique you choose for your invitations, it should not be a decision made on impulse. That graphic layout will then have to be re-proposed for the whole visual set of your wedding. First of all, for the menus.

Wedding Menus

Our poor menus! Why do only a few think about them when they represent the unique element that certainly everyone, and I say all the guests, will surely read? The graphics of the wedding menus are often left to themselves. Many locations and caterings offer to print them for free. And you know, where you can save money, the temptation is strong!

However, the menu should not only respect the graphic set started with the invitations cards. It should also be part of the wider design of the wedding theme.

The list is immersed in your event and must be not only entirely in theme and graphically beautiful but also functionally optimal. Think of all the guests. They, to be perfect for your big day, did not wear glasses, thinking, “I won’t have to read anything.” You cannot create a menu with too little characters! And neither too large, because they would turn out to be not very elegant.

Rustic wedding? Why not choose a modern wooden menu? Romantic wedding in a villa? Good for flowers and lace! The crucial point is that the elements should be harmonious between each other and should be able to create a harmony of unique and sinuous designs.

However, creating the right menu graphics does not end the wedding graphic work. To these must be added at least the guest book, tableau de marriage, and placeholder. Tags for favors and sugared almonds, welcome bags. And moreover thank you cards, of fundamental relevance for the bon ton of your event!

How to find the right graphic design

Picking the correct wedding graphic design is not as easy as the inputs are multiple and various. Of course, this is an immense advantage if you have the right guide. Who? A professional reference who knows how to listen to your ideas and select a range of suitable materials, techniques, and colors ideal for you.

Let’s not forget that the graphics must represent you, your story, but also fit into the theme you have chosen (haven’t you found your theme yet? Read my article).

The advice is to get inspired by photos and videos, found your idea of ​​what you would like for your big day, but then rely on a professional. The reference figures, in this case, are two – the wedding planner and the graphic designer. With their collaboration, you can direct yourselves to the best choices to make your wishes come true. Without renouncing to aesthetics and functionality.

So, matching wedding graphics is the key to an excellent aesthetic look of your wedding. Still, it is also functional to leak the correct messages and meanings that you want to send. As well as to make the guests understand the style and the appropriate behavior to adopt at your event.

Does it seem a small thing to you? Making your day perfect means decorating it with the right facets, respecting your personalities, your wishes, the balance of the elements, and the overall harmony of shapes and proportions.

An excellent graphic designer with the collaboration of an expert wedding planner will be able to listen, to understand and to make the best. The best of what you have always dreamed of, without copying other styles, but creating your ideal wedding graphic set.

Are you facing the graphics choice for your wedding? Contact me!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

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