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Wedding theme: why is it important?

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Wedding theme: why is it so important?

Choosing the theme of their wedding is one of the most significant concerns of the couples I meet – and let’s face it, especially of us women. 

The reason is simple to figure out: every bride wants a balanced wedding, in which all the elements are blended in a unique symphony of colors, proportions, shapes, and details. 

Watching beautiful pictures of ceremonies and flawless wedding receptions, with elegant themes on social such as Instagram and Pinterest, only boost the excitement and animate the vision of a dreamy wedding that appears as much desired as almost unattainable.

All brides dealing with the organization, and almost whenever choosing the theme, fall into a spiral of worries. Why?

Because these are fed precisely by those perfection images of elegance and harmony they see every day. The most common feelings vary from the worry of not being able to find a theme suitable for their personalities – but also aesthetically perfect – to the discouragement of not being able to stage the dreamed fairytale wedding. 

Dear brides, what you need to know is that it is not essential to plan a themed wedding – and I mean something about the classic themes of travel, flowers or music – but it is crucial to own a wedding theme. How are these two approaches different? Let’s venture into this world together.

 The themed wedding

Participation realized in a recycled paper in the shape of a flight ticket. Suitcase shaped confetti boxes. Pocket bottle opener with the features of an airplane as a party favor. Globes for centerpieces and tablecloths ocher and white. Cork world map as tableau de marriage. Tables named after every state you have visited together in your love story in which you share your passion for travel. Because in the end, life itself is a long journey.

This theme, precisely in the ways and things I have listed, is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, wedding themes in the last years. The underlying emotional system is relevant, and there are here several inventive potentialities. 

However, using one of these prepackaged themes it the best way to fall into the trap of banality. In this way, the risk of fathering a wedding party like many others, it’s thick.

I mean, a depersonalized wedding with a theme that does not reflect at all the personality of the spouses, but rather the idea of ​​the perfectly themed wedding they artificially created in their minds.

For this reason, in selecting the theme, it is crucial to reflect on your wishes and preferences, on the emotions you desire to feel and the atmosphere you want to produce around your union. 

In this case, relying on a professional (by the way, have you already read the article “Why rely on a Wedding Planner“?) means having qualified aid to face the decision with a concrete design project. 

The full service wedding planner will know how to design the theme required by the couple, but also, he’ll listen and deeply understand their personality, tastes, and preferences. And, I will tell you, even the individual wishes, not revealed for the concern of being blamed by the other.

The themed wedding should arise from the idea, the inspiration that comes to the view of gorgeous pictures of sensational weddings, just as you’d like yours to be. But it must be your theme, artfully composed for your wedding. Otherwise, it would be only a copy of others’ beautiful weddings.

Realizing your theme, starting from the idea, enriching it with your baggage of experiences, emotions, feelings, writing the story of your biggest day through your theme, is an experience that should be anything except stressful. I should be a unique journey, comparable to the furnishing of the new home that you had so much fun planning. 

Clearly, the creation of a themed wedding should start from a definite idea. However, the focus of your theme is you and your perception of the world, life together, and love.

If you don’t have an idea, if you don’t have something defined that represents yourself, you don’t need to waste time and energy! To find something in the end that then really does not reflect your personality. A wonderfully balanced and design wedding can be achieved even without a specific theme.

The wedding theme: harmony and proportions of shapes, colors, and meanings 

The organization can also be carried out without a particular theme, provided that there would be a balance in choices, messages, and meanings. As in the natural world, in the perfect wedding, everything must be part of a grand plan expertly managed. 

The theme is harmony: of shapes and colors from the aesthetic-superficial point of view, of meanings and messages at a deep level.

The real backbone of the theme is the sense you give to your wedding. The message you want to leave your guests through the design elements.

The wedding theme, therefore, develops itself in all the elements that make up the event, from the selection of location to the tiniest and most customized details. Everything must flow within a global project defining style, color palette, materials. But above all, it should tell about you and your love in an atmosphere of intimate harmony.

Harmony also involves proportion. Going, therefore, from the project to the staging, for example, avoid huge centerpieces, or that prevent guests from eye-looking at each other and conversing pleasantly, lists with too small characters, lovely but functionally uncomfortable put en place.

These are the drawbacks a couple who haven’t adequately evaluated proportions, and the overall balance of the elements may face. Save the date cards, sugared almonds, flowers, and even the wife and groom’s dresses are not excluded.

For a perfectly balanced wedding that will be soft, round, free of edges and grooves, everything must be zero-sum or a hundred sum. And this does not mean flattening. If you decide to address a professional in the sector, know that it will help you highlight the thorniest elements, the most poetic messages, and the most sinuous shapes in a single author’s canvas

In brief, we can compare the theme to the playbook that animates the actors of a play. You are the drama staged, the elements are the actors, the theme is the playbook, and a wise full service wedding planner is your director.

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Photo Credits: Giuseppe Santanastasio Photographer; Gianmarco Vetrano; Pinterest