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Wedding in Sicily with a Full Service Wedding Planner

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Wedding in Sicily: enjoy an unforgettable experience choosing a full service wedding planner (psychologist)

Why marry in Sicily? 

In a previous article I’ve already answered this question and if you haven’t read it I recommend you do so! I hope it will come in handy to read the comments of those who feel a deep love for this land and consider the wedding in Sicily an unforgettable and complete experience.

Yes, because I think I love Sicily just like one loves a partner for a lifetime. Mine is not infatuation, that emotional state of joy, contentment and strong attraction that can lead to the idealization of the other.

I really love this land, I’ve lived it, I’ve left it, I’ve rediscovered it, I know it. I have accepted its imperfections, contradictions, painful scars, even clichés and stereotypes because its deepest soul is the very thing that has brought me back to it. 

Groom and friends hold the bride in their arms

The natural beauty of the island, the sea with its infinite shades of blue, the artistic and cultural heritage, the fertility of the land and the fruits it offers. This beauty is an indisputable milestone that makes Sicily an island to visit at least once in a lifetime.

However, the innermost soul of which I speak is intangible and perhaps unreachable, it is something that must be experienced in order to be fully understood. It goes far beyond the outer beauty.

In Sicily there is a certain form of simplicity and authenticity in feelings that makes you able to grasp the nuances of every single moment. There is a warm air of home wherever you go, that home where the important things matter, the little things that change your life.

A wedding in Sicily is not just a celebration with breathtaking scenery and banquets that you’ll only re-experience in your dreams. A wedding in Sicily is the celebration of the values that underlie marriage and family, the celebration of love in the highest meaning that this can have.

This is the goal that I would like to achieve by planning weddings in Sicily for the couples who choose me. Because with an expert, professional and organized local guide everything is easier, coherent, exciting!

bride dances and her friends keep her dress

Why choose a Full Service Wedding Planner for your wedding in Sicily?

I’ve already written about why to hire a wedding planner in my blog. If you still don’t know the many pros of having a professional wedding planner alongside you, here’s the link to the article.

Here I would like to share with you why a full service wedding planner is an essential travel companion for your wedding in Sicily.

One single person for the creation and planning of the event

Sicilian culture and society is so characteristic that it has created in Sicilians a unique and fascinating sense of identity, a world of its own within the more general Italian character. But even within Sicily itself it is difficult to make general statements about the culture of the island that apply in all its parts. 

Just as history teaches us, after having been colonized for centuries, Sicilians have assimilated countless features. So it’s easy to see different lifestyles and traditions depending on the area you are in, ranging from the more open and modern to the more traditionalist and conservative ones.

Having a single local reference at your side is undoubtedly an advantage for these reasons. A full service wedding planner arranges your wedding in Sicily starting from the awareness of the local market. They suggest dream locations and support you in the choice of high quality suppliers, but at the same time they guide you in dealing with them and bargaining.

The Full Service Wedding Planner is an essential reference for moving around the island, which is not always easy and fast. It is a logistic support that will advise you in the best way to make you and your guests live the wedding day without stress and worries. 

Style choices for every taste

In such a varied context it is easy to see that the option of where to get married is really broad.

It is easy to move from mythological landscapes with Greek-Roman buildings to historical centres of Arabic influence. From medieval abbeys and castles to sumptuous baroque palaces and cathedrals. There are also ancient fiefdoms and farms surrounded by hilly landscapes, seaside villages or high altitude; vineyards and wine cellars, beaches and sea vistas that are unparalleled.

Choosing the most suitable place to achieve your idea of marriage is the starting point to move from imagination to reality. In this the full service wedding planner supports you not only from a mere organizational point of view. She supports you also in terms of style, with the aim of creating a well-contextualized event. 

Without venturing into philosophical talks about the concept of beauty, I’m sure we all agree that beauty is something that brings pleasure to the viewer. In the same way I believe that anyone who feels pleasure in observing a setting balanced, harmonious and coherent.

Couple in beautiful place in front of Noto's church

So, back to Sicily and its countless sceneries, having a full service wedding planner alongside taking care of a general design project is a guarantee of beauty.

When you think of a wedding in Sicily it is easy to fall into the often stereotyped image of carts and folklore. This is a Sicilian soul, but understandably it is not the only one.  Sicily has many sides to share and it’s for all tastes, all you need to do is get to know them and bring them out.

Consulting and On Demand Services 

I haven’t finished yet, because the major advantage of using a full service Wedding planner for your wedding in Sicily is to have a consultant able to address the most demanding requests. 

You can’t hide that you’d like to visit Sicily now. What better opportunity to tie the wedding day stays, experiences of taste, excursions, romantic getaways?

Or, why not arrange just a wedding weekend, thinking of dinners or welcome parties for your guests, breakfasts or lunches for the farewell day? Please don’t tell me you don’t love surprises. With a full service wedding planner you can plan them for your sweetheart or for your guests!

Maybe now you will agree with me that holding your special event in Sicily in the company of a professional is a real adventure.

the spouses kiss and friends applaud

Now, however, I want to reveal what makes Sicilian Wedding and Event a bit special.
In addition to everything I’ve told you, what more can I do for you?

I can lead you along the journey to your wedding day in Sicily, stepping out a little bit to wander around this fascinating land, and a little bit inside its deepest soul. This because I’m Sicilian. 

I can also walk you through a process of internalizing of what you’re going through during the planning of your wedding. I can support you on your journey of choice and awareness that will lead you to your “Yes”!

This is because I am a psychologist and I strongly believe that I could not deal with other people’s dreams without understanding them sensitively.

With a supportive, flexible and empathic travel companion you have the certainty of having them close to you. This first of all makes the journey much more pleasant and meaningful. Then it helps you increase your self-confidence by encouraging you to venture out to discover new things and allows you to have a precious resource to face any difficulties.

Now maybe you know me a little better and you can know if I am what you are looking for. Feel free to contact me whenever you want

Before saying goodbye I would like to present you a video made by Giuseppe Santanastasio. Photographer, Sicilian like me, who has captured in these images something of that deep soul I told you about. 

Can you see a soul in the images? I do, and you?

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Photo Credits: Giuseppe Santanastasio Photographer