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My name is Tania Costantino and being a Wedding Planner has been a natural consequence of what I am and have become over time.

I grew up nourishing myself with perfumes, flavors, lights and values of my Sicily, a lived, deep land you carry inside wherever you go.

I spent many years away from home, during which I became a Psychologist, shaping and giving a structure to my open, enthusiastic, curious, dynamic and organized nature.

For more than 12 years I have worked in multinational business contexts, where I developed my leadership skills by managing large groups, working for objectives with different partners, improving professionalism, organizational and problem solving capabilities.

When I came back to Sicily I felt that, in order to put together my education background, my skills, my passions and my nature, I wanted to tell stories, strong and sincere emotions. So I trained as a wedding planner and I am continuing a constant professional development and in depth study path; I built a network of wedding industry suppliers with whom I have established relationships of trust and high level professionalism; I practiced and stimulated my creativity traveling, reading, inspiring myself and dreaming.

Today I am your consulting, ready to listen to you, to interpret your desires and your personalities, and to help you to organize that magic and yours alone day.

I will accompany you in the realization of your tailor-made event, taking care of every detail and guaranteeing exclusivity, refinement, elegance… all of this in Sicily that takes your breath away…

Lara e Simone
È stato un giorno magico, una gioiosa festa che ricorderemo per sempre. Tania, ci hai accompagnati in questo percorso con grande professionalità ed immensa dolcezza e pazienza. Riconosciamo che, talvolta, non siamo esseri facili.. eppure tu sei stata in grado di ascoltarci, leggerci ed interpretarci nel migliore dei modi - cosa mai scontata. Crediamo tu faccia uno dei lavori più belli al mondo.. e sai farlo molto bene! Sceglieremmo te altre cento volte. Grazie infinite, di tutto.
Andrea e Luisa
Tania is a great professional who cares about all the details to make your special day a perfect event. She made easier the complex organization of our wedding. She handled greatly the relationship with all the providers and always found the right solution to some unexpected issues. Without her, our wedding wouldn’t have been so special! 100% Recommended!! Thanks Tania for your excellent work.
Silvia e Andrea
Sia Tania, che il suo team, che i fornitori con cui collabora sono dei professionisti eccellenti....dal primo all'ultimo! Ciascuno ha contribuito alla realizzazione del matrimonio dei nostri sogni e di certo non avremmo potuto chiedere di meglio! Tutto è riuscito alla perfezione ed è stata senza dubbio la giornata più bella della nostra vita! Grazie infinitamente! Tania, ci mancherai!