Sicilian Wedding and Event


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Sicilian Wedding and Event was born with the aim of transforming the desires and needs of our customers into real celebratory paths of impeccable organization and high emotional value.

We cater to discerning and sincere customers, looking for a memorable day for themselves and their guests. Clients who need careful organization in every phase, who are scrupulous about processes and precise in details. Lovers of simple and harmonious elegance and at the same time looking for an exclusive and personal style.

Couples who dream of saying “Yes, I do” in a charming and unforgettable setting like Sicily. Because getting married in Sicily is an “authentic luxury“: a unique experience in a destination rich in history and traditions, where art and culture are intertwined with wonderful natural beauty.

In order to fulfil these promises you need competence, professionalism, experience, a carefully selected and trained work team and a deep knowledge of the territory.

This is why I dedicate what I am and have become over time to my personal project. Being a Wedding Planner has been a natural outcome.

Destination Wedding planner in Sicilia - Tania Costantino

I grew up feeding on scents, flavours, colours, lights and values in my Sicily, that deep, deep land that you carry inside you wherever you go.

Open-minded, enthusiastic, intriguing, dynamic and organized.

I lived many years away from home during which I became a Psychologist specializing in organization and marketing.

I have a business background in large companies such as IKEA where, through human resources management, responsibility for customer service and then the commercial division, I have exercised my leadership by managing large groups.

Over the years I have developed managerial and organizational skills and I have trained my relational skills in a constantly “customer oriented” approach. I have deepened my passion for Interior Design, studying styles and trends, observing the necessary balance between functionality, creativity and taste.

One day I went back to Sicily. I felt the need to combine my origins, my training, experience, skills and passions in a new project. 

I thought of it like this: taking care of someone by helping them and experiencing and sharing their true emotions. Making their dreams come true without making them feel the fatigue of the journey. Surprising them with special beautiful things in a unique setting … that’s how Sicilian Wedding and Event was born! 

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