Tania Costantino, wedding planner, abbraccia una coppia di sposi durante il loro matrimonio in Sicilia

Wedding support

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Wedding support is an idea born recently on paper but it had been in my head for some time already. In fact, before being a wedding planner I was a psychologist specialized in Organizations and Marketing. That’s why I always thought that I could never take care of other people’s dreams without understanding them sensitively.

Actually, it was my own couples who suggested this idea.

I often happened to listen in silence to the thoughts of the future couple and everything happened quite spontaneously. During an appointment, on the phone or by e-mail, it was they who chose to confide in each other. They told me their own emotions, often conflicting, but also the fears they were feeling at such a unique moment in their lives.

Wedding support is emotional assistance “on tiptoes”, which aims to help couples who want it to prepare for a great day. I like to accompany the bride and groom from the very first moment, for a process of internalization and also address the anxiety or stress that precedes the wedding.

I like to define the wedding support service as a “premarital path” that emotionally but also physically accompanies couples on their big day, and from which they can benefit for their future life as a couple.

I love taking care of the bride and groom-to-be, suggesting relaxation techniques that remove all forms of premarital stress. I will help you apply specific exercises to relax your body and free your mind. For those who want to, I can arrange yoga for weddings, sessions, a practice that helps not only the most worried brides but also the family and, because why not, friends to enjoy moments of relaxation among the natural wonders that Sicily offers.

A complete preparation for the mind and body, with personalized paths created to help you manage the anxiety or small conflicts that may arise during the organization of your wedding.

I will show you psycho-physical exercises that will help you manage your emotionality and give you a greater awareness of your body. Meditation exercises, for posture and I will also suggest specific massages designed to unlock some “physical knots” due to the accumulation of anxiety.

Getting married in Sicily is an “authentic luxury”, a unique experience intertwined with the wonders of the land. In fact, to complete your preparation for the big day, I will show you beauty courses in wellness centers or in beauty farms surrounded by the unspoiled nature of this romantic destination.