Why Getting Married in Sicily?

Why Getting Married in Sicily?

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Why Getting married in Sicily?

There you are! You have decided to get married and are looking for the right place to crown your romantic dream, a place that can offer you a real magic, as sincere and profound as you! If you are here it is because you want your wedding to be celebrated in a location worthy of the promise you want to make. Read this article and I’ll tell you why getting married in Sicily is the best choice you can make.

Getting married in Sicily, mythological land of undeniable natural beauty

Sicily is an island that I love to call lethal, both because it is irresistibly attractive and because, I’m positive, whoever leaves after experiencing it also leaves a piece of heart. This island is kissed by nature in all its aspects and the alternation of marine, volcanic and mountain landscapes creates spectacular scenery. Getting married in Sicily means having the chance to choose among all the sceneries that nature offers, to get lost in breathtaking views, to admire some of the most romantic sunsets in the world, to walk along beaches that offer both quiet and stunning emotions, to enjoy the view from the top of the volcanoes and let your gaze get lost there, where the sea and the sky merge.

A crossroad of cultures and artistic and architectural treasures

Probably because it is located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily has been destined since the dawn of time to be a meeting point between East and West and for this reason it has been the centre of exceptional events and nowadays it is rich in Mediterranean culture. Over the centuries many civilizations have conquered its territory leaving important traces of their presence. From ancient world civilizations (Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans) to the Arab-Norman domination of which Palermo with its province is certainly the main evidence, to the Spanish occupation, to which Sicily owes its Baroque style very present both in the province of Palermo and in the south-eastern part of the island.


Excellent cuisine with a thousand colors and flavors and the value of the table!

You will understand why tasting a dish of our tradition is a journey through time and also a journey around the world, having a past like this. Just consider how you pass from the gifts of the sea, tuna, sardines, swordfish, shrimp, to those of the land, tomatoes, aubergines, capers, olives, mint and fennel, citrus fruits, cooked with different methods and preparation techniques depending on the area you choose to go. Of course, in every part of Sicily you can find traditional preparations and also treat yourself to sensory journeys between tradition and innovation with the best starred chefs of the island. Getting married in Sicily also means this, making food based on high quality raw materials and good wine a fundamental element of the party, no groom or guest can say they did not drink and ate well (or not enough!) in Sicily.

The importance of tradition

In a land so deeply lived the, customs and habits are numerous and varied depending on the area, and I love that still today they are handed down from generation to generation in respect of tradition and the soul of the land. Nowadays, thanks also to the thriving of an increasingly expert field made up of wedding professionals, re-visitations of ancient traditions based on the personality of the bride and groom and their marriage are not missing. 

Certainly it is, that no matter where you go, from the respect of ancient customs or their reinterpretation, everywhere in Sicily marriage “is serious stuff”! Getting married in Sicily it is still a unique moment to gather family and friends around you with whom to share a strong union and with whom to celebrate this unforgettable day in the best possible way. In addition to the already mentioned – and important – banquet, you can not miss the right background music to choose according to your tastes and the character of the event, the dances with parents and special people, the wedding favors for guests still considered the right way to say “thank you”, and for those who love the atmosphere of lights at night, the sparks and also the fireworks!

Woman Putting Wedding Ring on Groom's Finger

Temperate climate and human warmth

The climate of Sicily, as we know, is mild and temperate and this allows to get married at any time of the year, with the necessary measures in the hottest season or in the middle of winter.

Yet, the really special and overwhelming climate that you will find in Sicily is the one created by the people, by their friendliness, by the warmth they can transmit even to those they’ve just met. There is a natural predisposition in Sicilians to share emotions, to the pleasure of taking part in other people’s feelings that is hard to find elsewhere.

My mother, for example, gets emotional just thinking about the weddings I organize and the sweetness of the stories I love to tell. Get married in Sicily to be overwhelmed by emotions and look into the eyes of others sincere participation in your joy!

For these reasons and much more, Sicily is the perfect place for romantic couples but also for those who love to experience nature, history and art. It is perfect for those who wish to celebrate their wedding and at the same time treat themselves to a honeymoon of peace, relaxation, good food, culture and adventure. 

It is ideal for those who want an experience based on good taste, love for beauty and the pleasure of living!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, watch this Salvo Reporter video

So, what are you waiting for? Begin by choosing the Sicilian scenery that best represents you and then embark on the organization’s journey to customize it, enriching it with creativity and style and with your details and touches. What if you have questions? Write to me and I will be ready to help you!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Panner in Sicily