Island wedding: 5 great reasons to choose Salina

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Island wedding: discover Salina and 5 great reasons to choose it

An island wedding is certainly a dream of many couples. There is no denying that each of us at least once in our lives has closed our eyes and imagined our island wedding. Blue sea, breathtaking sunset, silence, peace and one great protagonist: love.

This dream can become a reality. It can also come true more than you can imagine. Read the article and discover what it can means to have an island wedding in Sicily. Discover Salina and 5 great reasons to choose it.

Salina: a natural paradise in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Salina, the second largest island in the Aeolian archipelago, was once called “Didyme” (twins). That, for its two hills that look like twins gently sloping down towards the sea. The current name derives from the small brackish lake located in the village of Lingua. In the past, salt used in cooking and for the preservation of food such as the famous capers and various types of fish was extracted from here.

Nowadays Lake Lingua is a Special Protection Area, because it is a wetland that offers a resting place for hundreds of different species of migratory birds that do not find such a suitable habitat on other islands. Also, here you can find some ancient pools dating back to the Greek period and a charming lighthouse that makes its landscape unique.


Why is Salina the perfect and enchanting destination for your wedding on an island?

1 Poetic charm 

The thriving nature of Salina, helped by the numerous freshwater springs that have made it the greenest island in the archipelago, offers a varied and magnetic panorama on every side.

We move from the quiet and cosy scenery of the small port of Rinella, to the magnificence of the rocks shaped by the sea and illuminated by the sun of Pollara. 

Here, in the driest and barren area of the island offering views of Alicudi and Filicudi, the smallest of the “seven sisters”, you can admire one of the most spectacular and inimitable sunsets in the world.  Pollara is so special that in 1994 it became the setting for the film “Il Postino”, Massimo Troisi’s last masterpiece and winner of an Oscar for best soundtrack.


In Malfa, you can lose yourself in the vegetation that runs down to the sea made up mainly of large vineyards. In this village with its typical white houses built all along the slope you can look out from a terrace and the sight is lost on the horizon between Panarea, the Stromboli volcano and the magnetic blue sea.

2 Countless opportunities for recreation, culture and nature

Choosing to get married on an island like Salina can be a fantastic idea to combine a dream wedding day with a dream honeymoon or a stay with your friends and family.

Salina offers many historical and cultural itineraries such as archaeological sites, museums or ancient churches, such as the sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito, an important place of cult and one of the oldest on the island. 

There are also several naturalistic itineraries from low to high levels of difficulty, therefore suitable for every traveller. Walking along the paths that lead to Monte Fossa delle Felci or Monte Porri are experiences of contact with the island that reveal the beauty of the vegetation.

Undoubtedly, what would make an island wedding on Salina unforgettable is living its enchanting sea both by boat and on its characteristic beaches. Just think of Balate di Pollara or Punta Scario beach in Malfa to be sure. And these are only two of the gems of the island.

couple-in Pollara

3 Among old houses and luxury resorts

In Salina, for example, you can decide to get married in the Faro di Lingua and organize the reception in Santa Marina, the main port and beating heart of the island.  Here, among architectural beauties, boutiques and stalls of local crafts you can feel the life of the island, its elegance, refined and always authentic. 

Visiting the fishermen’s return to the port in the early morning and then enjoying a few hours of relaxation in a home that “smells of history and salt and majolica colours” can only be the prelude to a memorable wedding. 


Wine lovers will not miss Malfa and its scenic locations “with a taste of sea, land and Malvasia”, the typical “DOC” wine of the island. Getting married in this part of the island means diving into breathtaking views in resorts and luxury hotels, oases of silence, peace and scents.  


4 Unforgettable food and wine heritage

The natural beauty of Salina is not only a feast for the eyes. In fact, from the lush olive trees and vineyards are produced some of the island’s excellences, such as Malvasia. 

The grapes, harvested at the end of the summer season, are laid on wooden racks to be dried in the sun. To these, black grapes are added which will make the finished product amber-coloured. According to tradition, at the end of the meal Malvasia is served with typical Aeolian biscuits, the piparelli, for example, which are dipped in wine. 

The food and wine heritage of the island is naturally enriched by freshly caught fish, one of the cornerstones of traditional cuisine, and the famous capers of Salina, considered a Slow Food Presidium. In Salina, therefore, you can dine with a starred chef or enjoy traditional dishes prepared according to grandma’s recipes, all prepared with fresh products of the highest quality.


5 The reign of “slow living

The final reason that makes me 100% convinced that getting married on an island like Salina is an experience of “authentic luxury” is that this island is the realm of “slow living”.

Nowadays more than ever we should learn to slow down, reflecting on the time we live in instead of constantly searching for something to fill this time. 

The greatest benefit of slowing down is to regain the time and tranquility to create meaningful connections, with people, culture, work, nature, body and mind. (Carl Honoré)

In Salina time can be spent purposefully, it can be savoured and enjoyed in every little moment.

There is a different Light, the air is dry, light, often fresh and ventilated. There is a positive energy that comes from the land, the sea and the welcome that the Salinari reserve for those who arrive here. Salina is strongly rooted and with taste and style are visible in everything, in the houses as well as in the food.

Getting married on an island like this is possible, with expert and professional local help the dream becomes reality! Just get in touch with me!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Credits: Photo GAP Wedding; Video Gilda Fontana