Professional and personal growth: 1st “Prestige Meet up” by Roberta Torresan

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My professional and personal growth: I will share with you my experience at the Prestige Meet up by Roberta Torresan at the La Monteduccia estate.

Personal growth is a very fascinating subject and in recent years we have heard more and more about it. Surely the development of one’s own skills and constant training constitute one’s personal growth. 

However, being a psychologist, what I mean by personal growth is first of all the capability of constantly improving one’s psychological well-being.

Personal growth is above all about gaining awareness of who we are. The ability to appreciate who you are and nurture your talents.

Each one of us should take care of ourselves! You should slow down and then find some time to look inside yourself, reflect, love yourself, and only then try to improve yourself.

Prestige Meet Up: 2 days of reflection and introspection

My interest in personal growth brought me a few days ago to attend the “Prestige Meet Up” held with the support of Avverasogni by Wedding Planner and Designer Roberta Torresan, founder of the 1 Wedding Business School in Italy of which I am part. 

The Prestige Meet Up has attracted professional and experienced wedding planners from all over Italy. On August 26-27 we spent two days of relaxation, sharing and reflection at La Monteduccia estate in Ostra Vetere in the province of Ancona.

La Monteduccia is an ancient farmhouse complex set in the hills of the Marche region and has been skillfully restored. The farmhouse bears the charm of nature that spontaneously creates serene and peaceful scenarios. The garden is very well kept, there is a private consecrated church, 3 hectares of land, a vineyard and a scenic swimming pool. 

During the meet up there were certainly plenty of opportunities to meet and have fun, first of all diving in the pool and a dinner full of energy. But what characterized the experience of personal growth was the introspective path focused on leadership.

From teaching activities and group exercises during the meet up, each participant had the opportunity to confront themselves with others and with themselves by spending moments of inner analysis. Because to begin a real path of personal growth we must stop looking outside and start looking inside ourselves!

What does personal growth have to do with wedding planning?

Nothing, apparently! Certainly to be a professional you have to be able to plan and program first of all. But this is not enough to make a difference.

A wedding planner who has mastered their own awareness and confidence in their skills is able to convey enthusiasm to the bride and groom and to all the suppliers with whom they collaborate. 

Being aware and esteemed helps to have a clear vision of the projects you are working on. Having a vision means knowing why you plan, plan and propose.

This facilitates the communication of ideas, generates involvement and transformation. And so the achievement of goals is focused and successful.

Dealing with the dreams of a couple who rely on you with confidence and high expectations is a big responsibility!  

persona-growth-at the-Monteduccia

Personal growth is a slow process that, in order to become sound, needs to start from good daily habits and move over time to the study of more and more developed tools and techniques. It requires study and development, determination and self-discipline. 

I have devoted myself to this path for more than 15 years. Are you still convinced that all wedding planners are equal?

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

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