Luxury wedding in Sicily: 5 key elements

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I am receiving more and more requests from couples who wish to celebrate their luxury wedding in Sicily. I’m not surprised; as a good Sicilian, I know how wonderful my land is. But what not all couples know is that Sicilian luxury is not just luxury. It is much more – or less – depending on your desired wedding type.

Sicily is a precious, shining land full of breathtaking landscapes, incredible locations, traditions and excellent food that, by themselves, create luxury. A profoundly different luxury from what we are used to in splendid places such as Lake Como, the Langhe or Tuscany.

However, Sicily is also a huge island, not always well connected and whose most beautiful pearls are often hidden. And as we know, luxury is in the details. Nothing can be left to chance.

For this reason, you need to rely on a wedding professional to organise a luxury wedding in Sicily. Someone who really knows this land and can take you by the hand and accompany you to discover its fruits. I would say someone local, just like me. But we’ll talk about this later. After all, you are here to know more about marriage in Sicily.

Let’s start from this point: why did I talk about Sicilian luxury? Because if you decide to choose Sicily, you must have a clear idea of ​​your idea of ​​luxury.

Your idea of ​​a luxury wedding

If we think of Italian luxury, we rarely think of Sicilian luxury. The luxury of Lake Como and its historic locations, the luxury of Turin’s palaces or city hotels in Milan are very far from the atmosphere of a luxury wedding in Sicily.

Does this mean that Sicilian luxury might disappoint you? I’ve never seen it happen. My role is precise to understand what the couple wants and create the wedding they dreamed of as children.

But it means it’s not suitable for everyone. Luxury weddings in Sicily are not glitz, glitter, sequins or modern designs. If you are looking for this, Sicily is probably not for you. And I’m not the right wedding planner.

But if you are looking for authentic Sicilian luxury


What really is luxe in Sicily

I talked about what it is not, but I have not yet told you what true Sicilian luxury is, what we can bring together in the Polaroids of the best day of your life.

I can use three words to describe it:

  • genuineness;
  • authenticity;
  • attention.

The genuineness is in all the elements of the Sicilian wedding. From food to people’s gestures to traditional entertainment – I will talk about this shortly. In the same way, we find authenticity in the elegant but sober locations, in the wedding dresses of our ateliers – hand-sewn with the typical Sicilian fabrics – in the flowers and in the local natural decorations.

The attention is what you find in this article in describing the heart of my work. It is what all suppliers put into making your wishes come true. Even the last-minute ones!

These three words become luxury in 5 key elements of every luxury wedding in Sicily.

The 5 key elements of a luxury wedding in Sicily

I do not envy God for heaven because I am happy to live in Sicily, as Frederick II of Swabia said. Because Sicily is genuinely an incredible amalgam of millinery history, lush nature, traditions, folklore, dazzling sun and crystal clear sea.

Where is the luxury? In all of this. But above all, these netx elements characterise the Sicilian wedding. Yes, some will make you think, “Every Italian wedding has these characteristics!“. True, but I assure you that when you experience your luxury wedding in Sicily, the difference will be immediately clear to you.


Locations suspended (literally) between sea and land

The first element of Sicilian luxury are the impressive and unique locations in the world that you can find on this land. Locations that seem immersed in the blue, such as the Therasia Resort on the Island of Vulcano or the Tonnara di Scopello in Trapani.

But also places suspended between sea and land, like Capofaro – we are in Salina – or La Dimora delle Balze in Noto.

Where have you always dreamed of your big day? I have named some very famous locations, but I assure you there are a few hidden diamonds for unique, bespoke luxury weddings. In the 25,711 km² of Sicily, we find vineyards, cliffs overlooking the sea, lovely terraces with orange flowers, and views of the clear waters or the majestic hills.

If your dream is a luxury beach wedding, I have told you here about the best locations in the Aeolian Islands and the beach wedding in Sicily – with all its pros and cons.

One thing to watch out for? The connections. Some locations are so beautiful because they are immersed in unspoiled nature. Isolated, with small roads connecting them to neighbouring villages.

Reaching the reception venue could be difficult for your guests and suppliers and their means. This is also why it is essential to have the support of a local professional!


Food and banquet: the heart of the Sicilian wedding

Food is important at every Italian wedding. But you know well that here in the South … we care in a particular way. We can say that in Sicily, there is no luxury without good food. Returning to the theme of authenticity, the Sicilian wedding menu is good for its recipes and, above all, for its ingredients’ quality.

Sicilian luxury in food means local products, km 0, fresh, in the right quantities. It also implies island specialities treated as international dishes to be contaminated and discovered.

Let’s not forget the less poetic aspect of food: our guests’ allergies, intolerances, and food preferences.

One of my spouses, when choosing the menu, told me this story. At a wedding she had attended with her partner-lactose intolerant-he had been offered, instead of the first from the menu, a dish of penne with tomato sauce.

I have nothing against penne and tomato, but luxury means doing better.

To give each guest the best possible experience.

In this case, my staff and I will take care of your guests and their needs… well before the wedding day!

As I always say, there are already enough unexpected things not to arrive with everything in her place during the wedding. Indeed, if you are thinking of organising your wedding next year, it is the right time to contact me and start the preparations.


Traditions and folklore: Sicily as a guest

Sicily is an island rich in ancient and suggestive traditions. I always try to bring a pinch of this story at my weddings. Just what you need to tell something more about this land and amaze your guests.

A practical example? In the Sicilian wedding I described here, we decided to include some ancient crafts in the scenography (and animation), such as the seamstress and the sciuscià. The guests were blown away!

Not only that, we used as favour the typical Truscia, the fabric bundle that was used to bring to the fields or to the factory for lunch. But we have filled it with delicious Sicilian gastronomic specialities!

Details: nothing is left to chance, and everything is authentic

Someone said, “the devil is in the details“, and I’m sure the luxury is right there too. In my luxury weddings in Sicily, I leave nothing to chance. From the details of the table setting – I’ll tell you about it here – to the smallest decorations in the toilets.

The ribbons enclose the participations, the calligraphic font chosen for the menus, and the unforgettable favours: each element speaks of attention and authenticity.

Not everything has to be Sicilian style. But everything must be harmonious, genuine, authentic and in line with the theme selected for your wedding. Didn’t you choose the design, or don’t you know how to do it? I talked about it in this article dedicated to the harmony of shapes and elements in marriage.

I mentioned attention a few lines ago. Here’s what it means in a luxury wedding in Sicily.


It’s your guests’ party

Marriage is yours, your day. But to be honest, it’s not organised for you. It would have been enough – and wonderful – an elopement with a few close friends!

By the way, I also organise breathtaking elopement in Sicily, did you know?

The wedding is for your guests. It is for the people you love and want with you on one of the most important days of your life. For this reason, in every luxury wedding, attention to the guests must be maximum. All the more so in an area with small transport and connection problems like Sicily.

In my luxury weddings, I offer a concierge and secretarial service dedicated to your guests. Does anyone need a pair of shoes at the last moment? We support it. Does anyone just want to know where to find a good restaurant? We address it.

This is authentic luxury, warmth, and service. Much more than a baroque location and a dress studded with precious stones. But don’t worry, we have those too!

High-level support for your luxury wedding in Sicily

If you consider choosing Sicily for your luxury wedding, now you know what Sicilian luxury means. And what you shouldn’t expect from this prosperous and thriving land.

The truth? I am convinced that most couples who want a luxury wedding can remain with eyes full of wonder in front of the Sicilian beauties.

Why should you contact me about your wedding in Sicily? Because this land is beautiful but complex, full of hidden pearls in addition to the famous (and beautiful) world-famous locations. Because I have known and beat this island all my life. And, if you love real luxury, I know exactly what you want. Let’s build it together.

Contact me and tell me about your dream wedding idea.

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Ph Credits: Alberto Cosenza;  Elisa Trusso