Aeolian Islands

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Seven islands of extraordinary beauty, a World Heritage Site (Unesco 2000), paradise landscapes so surprisingly varied! Famous already in the Odyssey, in addition to the sea with a thousand shades of blue, they offer scenarios made of mountains, springs, volcanoes, beaches, coves, caves, inlets, sea stacks, seabed and a spectacular geological heritage.

This archipelago in the North of the Tyrrhenian coast is one of the most unique destinations in Italy, where you can choose the most suitable setting for your event.

Stromboli, the volcano overlooking the sea that erupts illuminating the starry sky and leaves you speechless. with its breathtaking views.

Salina and its fertile land, the vineyards, the dense scrubs of broom, the malvasia and the big capers, the luxurious resorts.

Vulcano and its amazing sunsets, the thermal scents, the black beaches, the wild coasts, a natural oasis of well-being and magic.

Panarea, the most exclusive island, the smallest but also the most luxurious and elegant, known for its nightlife, international visits and luxury yachts that flock togheter to the small port during summer.

And even Lipari, the largest island, the most popular, ideal as a base for excursions to the other islands, and Alicudi and Filicudi the smallest and more remote islands, perfect for an escape from the world!