Christmas 2020: 4 tips to get ready for a Little Christmas

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Let us guide you in a “Little Christmas” for this 2020 Christmas! 4 tips and 4 tools to better prepare yourself for an authentic Christmas

“Merry Little Christmas”, this will be the wish that I will send to my friends, relatives and future spouses in this Christmas 2020. Yes, a Little Christmas is what I hope all the people I love will have!

I have always believed that small things make big difference in life. However, I cannot ignore the fact that within the hectic rhythms of everyday life you can get stuck in things and thoughts that take you away from the simplicity and authenticity of important matters. 

2020, an “Overwhelming” year

This 2020 has been an unexpected and somewhat devastating year for everyone.  Some have sadly lost friends or family, others have lost their jobs. Most people have lost serenity and confidence in the future.  We have “fought” – more or less – actively against the perception that we have also lost our freedom.

A year of loss then, an “overwhelming” 2020 as I say . Faced with loss and pain, falling into discouragement and anger is inevitable. Yet life is surprising and shocking and even in a loss you can find a new possibilities for change and growth.

Before 2020 we can be angry, distressed, sad. We can look for energy and drive and feel better, to the best of our possibilities.

So Christmas is the best time of this year to get back in touch with ourselves and with the beauty and importance of small things, “which are never small, not even things”. Here are my first 4 tips to get ready for a Little Christmas and 4 handy tools to bring in your Christmas!

1. Use Writing to understand your emotions


The first step to delve into the deeper meaning of Little Christmas is to accept and recognize all the emotions we have felt (and still feeling) this year.

Acknowledging and self-admitting that you are sad and angry is a difficult but crucial step to begin a constructive change process. Does this ring a bell? We already discussed it whit Silvia Pasqualini in a previous article on how to overcome the sadness of postponed marriage (I’ll leave here the link to read it if you missed it)

For this reason I would like to suggest a tool that in view of Little Christmas will definitely be of help to you. But not only for this reason. Writing is in fact a very powerful tool that I recommend you to include in every moment of your life.

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.
(Anne Frank)

Write. Not only what you are doing and what you are thinking. Write about your feelings and the emotions that surround you. Give a name to the upsets you feel. Acknowledge the anger and physical strain that this emotional state determines. This will help you manage negative feelings about events, process your 2020 losses and understand the need to look at problems and reality from a new perspective.

2. Exercise to increase mind-body awareness


Commit yourself to recover your awareness of yourself and the present. Starting from the analysis of your body, here and now. How are you doing? What do you feel? Physical strains and exhaustion are an expression of a discomfort that comes from your mind.

So, I suggest you not to quit or resume your exercise. Even if you can’t work out in the gym, you can still train looking for a new wellness. Do what you like. And if you can’t do it alone, trust in the digital world where nowadays you can find lots of tips and video courses, even free ones! 

I, for example, will not quit Pilates. It helps me to find a deep contact with the body and conscious breathing. It allows me to train concentration and control. To keep anxiety under control and maintain a better psycho-physical balance.

3. Increase your optimism and self-esteem with the Diary of Gratitude

Saying thank you is one of the first things we were taught as children. However, besides being a cornerstone of good education and sociality, being able to say thank you and feel grateful is a very important emotional skill. 

heart-shaped-bread-that-means- thanks

Gratitude is a mental attitude that leads us to search for positive aspects and motivation to be happy in everyday life. It is also a feeling that is based on empathy and self-awareness. Merry Little Christmas, today I am grateful for this! Grateful not to quit and never give up my values!

What is the Gratitude Diary and what is it for? It is a tool that can help you set something beautiful every day for which you deserve to be happy. We easily find reasons to complain or get angry, but have you thought that every day you have at least one reason to be grateful?

I am grateful for the affections I have, for something I own, for something I did, for something I did well or “simply” grateful for life!

Every day write in a notebook, or in any other support you prefer, at least one thing for which you are grateful. This will help you to feel grateful for your existence, will push you to want to improve yourself by developing proactive attitudes and finding opportunities even in difficult circumstances. It will also increase your self-esteem and stimulate empathy with the people around you in an authentic way.

4. Take care of yourself with the list of cuddles you deserve

Taking care of yourself is the last advice I would like to give you today to prepare you for your Little Christmas. Just think about that energy and sense of well-being you feel after visiting a salon. You are definitely more beautiful (I am talking to the ladies but it applies to everyone) but you are not satisfied only for the image you see in the mirror. You feel that you have done something for you, something you deserve. 

pink-cup-and-biscuits-shaped-like -gingerbread-man

That’s what caring means. It means loving yourself and cuddling.

The last tool I would like to share with you here is the “List of the cuddles you deserve”. 

It might seem strange to make a list of cuddles, but if you think about it, telling yourself what things make us feel good and promising to do them is a great way to take care of your body, mind and spirituality!

So I suggest you, for this Christmas (but not only that, you could use this tool all the time or at least when you feel you are neglecting yourself) to establish, write if you want, the 10 things to do so that you don’t forget to love and pamper yourself.  

Here’s my list, so you can see that happiness really lies in small things:

  1. Writing a letter to Santa with my daughters
  2. Taking hot candlelight shower
  3. Cooking my husband’s favorite dessert
  4. Listening to my favorite playlist while I’m cleaning my house
  5. Preparing a surprise breakfast on Sunday morning
  6. Spending some time every day reading the book of the moment  
  7. Writing a letter to the people I love
  8. Taking a walk on the beach once a week
  9. Taking my mother shopping for gifts for her friends
  10. Enjoying laughter time on the couch with my daughters before dinner

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