This year, craft your own Christmas atmosphere at home: here’s what to do to make it magical and personal!

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Living Christmas 2020 at home: here’s what to do to create a magical and personal Christmas atmosphere 

Our journey into Little Christmas, the true Christmas of little things continues!

Today, as a wedding planner and designer, I would like to give you some precious tips to make your place cozy and surprising, just like when planning an event!

We know, it is and will be a different Christmas, less opulent and definitely more intimate and homely.

This is why I want to help you and create a very personal Christmas atmosphere within your home.

Far but close

In this part of my “Merry Little Christmas” project I wanted to include 4 women, 4 friends and colleagues, each with her own expertise! Although physically distant, we have never stopped talking to each other and offering our skills to all newlyweds and future spouses who are still waiting to achieve their dream of love.  

So enjoy our tips and make the most of these days to build a comfortable and exciting nest for the whole family!

Choose your Color Xsmas Palette

Christmas-color-palette- natural-nordic

What is a color palette? I promise I will dedicate a future article to how to create a color palette. Here it’s enough to know that choosing a palette, that is, a color range, means finding a common link between several colors in order to achieve an overall harmony.

Christmas-color-palette- colorful

Christmas-color-palette- modern

But there is much more to it than that. The choice of colors in balance and harmony with each other helps to identify a character, a mood to say it in technical jargon, of the project you are working on. 

This is obviously a very important step in wedding design. In the creation of the Christmas atmosphere is a fundamental first step to determine what decorations to choose for your tree and what materials to favor.  More generally, choosing a style means to determine what look to give to your Christmas.

Christmas-color-palette- chic


These ideas are just a few! Christmas can have many colors, and certainly the palette that best suits your home is the one that best represents you and speaks of your Little Christmas! In Giulia Barabani‘s blog you can deepen these style tips and you can also download a very useful e-book! 

Think about everyone

This is a tip that I love! To create an amazing Christmas atmosphere think of each family member, literally everyone! Create a special corner for each of them, making a personal space where they can feel pampered!

Personally, I have two little daughters and there are so many Christmas spaces dedicated to them at home! 

I also asked Eugenia Faini from L’avverasogni to share with me what she thought of for her Olivia, and here’s what she told me:

Bring magic to the table

The table you know, is always a great star of the house, especially during holidays. Even during this Christmas, do not miss a scenic mise en place and a Christmas atmosphere at the table. Be sure to carefully pick the elements to be placed on the table, but mind you, there is no need to shop or look for unique pieces.

With love and care, a lot of creativity and good advice you can create a special table for your Little Christmas.


Etiquette says that first of all we must pay attention to the size of the table setting, calculated in 60/70cm for the width and 45cm for the height. At the center of the table place the underplate that you have chosen according to your Christmas mood and then the plate,”  says Madame Etiquette, Bon Ton and Etiquette 2.0 expert

Grandma’s plates are trendy, but whatever set you choose, the important thing is to keep a certain chromatic harmony. “Cutlery is to be placed on the outside of the plate, on the left side forks and on the right side knives with the blade facing the plate. Glasses, selected according to the menu and to the wine to be served (white or red wine), should be placed on the right side in correspondence to the tip of knives”.


What about the bread at the table, Emanuela?”

Bread, according to the Etiquette, should not be put in the basket at the table, but in the bread plate, which is placed on the left side of the plate. Thus, every guest will be able to divide it and eat it bite by bite.” 

“Lastly, be sure to place the dessert cutlery above the plate with the handle of the knife and spoon facing to the right and that of the fork to the left. The napkin, folded in four, should be placed to the left of the plate.”


To complete the setting remember to choose a centerpiece such as a chandelier, an advent wreath or risers adorned with balls and Christmas elements, the important thing is not to obstruct the view of diners.

Madame Etiquette’s latest tip: “ when making a toast, raise your glass towards the center of the table, extend your arm and don’t say “Cheers! Mopping your plate with some bread? Etiquette does not allow it, but in the era of Etiquette 2.0 we can make an exception!!”

Activate your 5 senses 

Sensory perception helps us to perceive all the elements of reality, but when best stimulated it is the path that leads to the understanding and enjoyment of everything, even the smallest! Therefore, activating perception through all 5 senses is fundamental.

The sensory stimulation expert in weddings is Guya Venturini, author of the book “Inspiring your senses“.

Check out her best tips for activating all the other senses in our homes, in addition to sight, for a “profoundly Little” Christmas atmosphere.


Pandoro, panettone, ginger and cinnamon cookies, nougat, you name it! Both sweet and savory delights are certainly not missing at Christmas. To create an even warmer atmosphere, choose your drinks carefully. You can find many different types of tea, spiced infusions with cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and, why not, even flavored coffee.


Perfume your environment, choosing handmade candles and if you love DIY here are two simple recipes 

  • Prepare an infusion with orange, apple, lemon juice, cinnamon and vanilla. Strain it and use the infusion in your sprayers or in the radiator tray.
  • Dry large slices of citrus in the oven at a low temperature. Then roll them with flavored herbs, such as sage or rosemary and create fragrant decorative items to distribute around the house


How can we stimulate touch this year, considering the social distancing and limited hugs? Let’s treat ourselves to a symbol, the treat of a face mask, to give and make to ourselves. 10 minutes on the couch with a mask on your face, a spiced tea, a book and that’s it!



Besides creating your own music playlists, this year above all, let’s not miss listening to beautiful words to say to each other. 

So, lots of tips in the name of sustainability! On my Instagram profile you can also find Made in Italy suppliers recommended by Guya! Buy less, Buy Better!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily