Post Covid Marriage

How Covid changed the wedding

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How Covid changed the wedding

Covid has changed everything: it has changed our world, our way of life, our perceptions. It has plunged us into situations that we would never have imagined, both personal and professional. And indeed, it has profoundly changed the world of marriage.

It is no mystery: thousands of couples found themselves having to postpone their big day, expected, dreamed and planned in every detail to respond to the idea of the perfect wedding imagined for a lifetime. As a wedding planner who personally cared for dozens of postponements, I tried to instil positivity and optimism in my couples, always putting their feelings at the centre.


What is certain is that there will be many more elements to take into account to organize a perfect post-covid marriage. A professional figure will be increasingly needed to experience the incredible journey of planning with joy and serenity.

Let’s see how marriage has changed and in which areas we need to pay now more attention.

Authentic emotions: a new way of living the “yes”

If there’s a positive aspect of the situation we are experiencing, it is the rediscovery of small things. I wrote about it some time ago in my article on mise en place: nature, minimalism, informality. These are the 2021-2022 wedding trends regarding the table. I can say they fully reflect the opinion of the couples I am following!

Many future spouses have asked me to create for them an outdoor wedding, full of symbols and almost frugal. They search for a wedding type that fully represents the simplicity of their love: without glitz, without luxury, without the glam. Putting feelings at the centre and cutting the extra seems to be the trend that connects all marriage aspects.

  • The most popular locations are those with ample outdoor spaces and gardens. And it seems that we should get excited much more often by watching beautiful weddings at sunset on our Sicilian beaches! But wait a moment, if you plan to get married in front of the sea, you cannot miss my article on the beach’s wedding in Sicily where you will find many ideas and valuable tips to enjoy this dream at best!
  • Trend decorations are the simplest: dried flowers, straw, wood. Every element from nature!
  • Natural, raw and recycled papers distinguish the coordinated graphics and stationery. The graphic is characterized by soft, pastel colours and smooth and delicate lines.

The trend of essentiality is also visible in the guest lists, much smaller than in past years and built on a relationship logic rather than kinship or knowledge.

Therefore, the first influence of Covid on marriage is a return to authenticity and simplicity: of shapes, locations, feelings.

Flexibility and festive atmosphere

Post-Covid marriage is the flexible marriage par excellence. No longer on Saturday in July but on Tuesday in October. Not only the big seated lunch but innovative formulas such as picnics, single-portion finger food or brunch.

The flexibility of days and times is also needed to find a spot in the most popular locations that this year are more crowded than ever – but we will talk about this shortly.

The main request is: we want it to be a party. Not a party with a disco music flavour but with a relaxed, fun and finally convivial atmosphere. Everything that last year could not be! In this case, the spouses seem to don’t search for great animation shows but more for fun between jokes and dances with friends and family. Feelings, again, are at the centre of the stage.


What is certain is that there are issues to consider in addition to these trends, often underestimated before Covid. Let’s see how to make a post – covid wedding perfect!

Post-Covid Marriage: two issues to consider

Organizing a wedding is no simple job – otherwise, there would be no need for me. If before the covid, exceptionally creative and enterprising spouses could manage to organize their dream wedding independently, today – I want to be honest – it has become very complex. The issues to be addressed in particular are two:

  • the time needed for planning;
  • Contracts and advances.

Let’s see them individually in detail.

How far in advance planning a wedding in 2021-2022?

In the last few months, we’ve realized that we literally don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.  But if uncertainty reigns supreme, planning is the only way to be ready for any eventuality.

If, before the advent of Covid, to organize a fully-fledged wedding in locations that are not highly popular, it could be sufficient to move on eight months in advance, today, a year may not be enough today.

Why? Because we must take into account the over 200,000 weddings that should have been celebrated in 2020. And that will be held, barring incidents, in 2021-2022!

It means locations, suppliers and churches already sold out. Start planning today for the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022 could already require a great deal of experience in finding the best locations, catering and suppliers still available.

In addition to this, the timing of programming is also increased.

For example, in the case of restrictions, it may not be possible to visit suppliers and locations often out of town or are unable to open. The difficulties increase further for those who want to get married outside the region or with a destination wedding. So: better to start well in advance if you intend to say your dream yes during the next year!


The management of contracts, down payments and prices

Another two points that are often overlooked but have become crucial this year are contracts and deposits. Given the period’s uncertainty, I recommend paying close attention to the agreements’ details, which should at least answer these questions.

  • What if we have to postpone the marriage due to new ordinances?
  • What if we want to move the wedding for personal reasons, even if the regulations would allow some form of celebration?
  • How about the deposit payments?
  • Which guarantees do we have regarding the possibility of choosing a new date?

These are essential questions the contract cannot fail to offer specific answers to in case of post-covid marriage! Having a professional behind you who acts as a mediator in unforeseen events or disagreements is a great advantage to preserve your peace of mind and resources.

Similarly, a wedding planner may be able to obtain better prices for you, thanks to agreements with suppliers. Unfortunately, it is no mystery that when demand increases – and this year and next it will be very high – prices rise. For this reason, it is essential to move in advance: it will ensure you some budget savings!


A dream wedding this year? Yes, with a bit of help

Getting married this year or the next will be an even stronger emotion – as if marriage wasn’t enough! But after a year of tensions, stress and a lot of time spent at home, often away from loved ones, I assure you that the joy of your big day will overwhelm you like a hurricane.

Having a professional by your side, especially at a time like this, could be the trump card to avoid worries and extra stress and be sure to experience the organization as a beautiful journey to a sweet destination: the crowning of your love dream.

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

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