Tips for the groom: watch, suit, bouquet

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Tips for the groom: watch, suit, bouquet

Here we are with an entire article dedicated to tips for the groom! As for brides, as for grooms, some bon ton rules should be taken into account on your big day. Are these mandatory? Absolutely not! But they could make your wedding more harmonious and elegant.

Don’t worry. This isn’t anything particularly complex. 

Let’s see together what it is about point by point.

Tips for the groom’s manners

According to etiquette, the groom should always be ready when the bride arrives. Tradition would like the groom to give the bride’s bouquet as a last gift from engaged before the passage to husband and wife. The bouquet is gifted to the bride when she leaves the car or, according to tradition, delivered directly to the bride’s home before the celebration. The messenger? The groom’s mother. She will then continue her central role in the ceremony, walking the son down the aisle or municipality.

It would be good for the groom to arrive at least half an hour before the hour of the ceremony, to welcome the guests and wait for the bride together.


Tips for the suit of the groom

When it comes to the groom’s etiquette, we must talk about the suit. There are some rules that a wedding planner can only advise the groom to respect so that the wedding aesthetics remain harmonious. We should create a specific dress-code based on season, timing – lunch or dinner – location and theme of the wedding.

I know it is common for many spouses to think that an elegant dress is enough to make a good impression. Actually, there is much more.

I smile when, talking about clothes in front of a new couple, the bride begins with a: “It would be time for you to start looking for the dress too,” and the groom, almost annoyed, replies promptly: “Come on, I’ll go a few weeks earlier! “.

Of course, the groom’s suit indeed requires, due to technical features, fewer modifications and less time than that of the bride, but it is still a crucial element of every great day. I, therefore, recommend starting your search at least five months early: we would not want to be caught unprepared or risk any delays!

Regarding style, what does etiquette recommend in this case?

groom-in-classic-three-piece suit

5 style tips for the groom

  • According to etiquette, the groom’s suit should be made of wool, although it allows a mixed linen variant for the hottest seasons.
  • The shirt should have a classic cut, even with a stiff collar – never Korean style! – and a matching tie (or bow tie), rigorously in silk.
  • The clutch – the classic pocket-handkerchief – should be of a neutral shade or, I would add, combined with the bride’s bouquet and the colours of the wedding theme. However, never of the same colour of the tie: an essential detail would be lost!
  • Another tip for the groom is to ban coats, gloves and hats: they should never be used, always according to the etiquette. Not even in cold climates!
  • Suspenders have been a fashionable accessory recently: they could be perfect for an alternative event, but better to avoid them for very formal weddings.

Now let’s talk about tuxedos, morning coats, tailcoats, classic suits, how to choose the right one?

Morning coats, tuxedo, tailcoat: which one to choose?

Let’s start with the famous morning coat. According to etiquette, this formal dress can only be worn for daytime ceremonies and always before 6pm – or 4pm. We should consider it is an impeccable English dress used by the royal family for many public ceremonies. In short, the event must be truly elegant!

For luxurious weddings, at an even higher level we find the tailcoat, the so-called white-tie with the single-breasted jacket, short in front and extended with two tails in the back. It is the dress associated with gala dinners, politicians, kings, opera soloists and conductors. A demonstration of timeless style but often too formal, even for the most sophisticated weddings.

So, it remains the tuxedo! Or not? The groom’s etiquette forbids the tuxedo, except for evening ceremonies followed by parties and night dances. In short, glam weddings full of fun.

This is why the most chosen men’s suit is the classic three-piece suit – therefore with a vest. Although many grooms don’t like the gilet, this is the differentiating element from the other guests – who are usually asked the courtesy not to wear it. Gray, blue and black are the most common colours, but white, cream or pastel dresses can also be excellent in some types of weddings.

Here, the groom makes a choice, as long as it is harmonic with the theme’s colours and consistent with the location.

In any case, let’s not forget the button-hole flower! Combined with floral arrangements and preferably white, it should also be worn by witnesses, father of the groom and bride.


Groom’s shoes and socks

Before talking about the accessories, I would like to make a parenthesis on a little treated topic: socks! If you wonder if the etiquette also speaks of the groom’s socks, the answer is “of course!”. In particular, it informs us that they should never be white and never short. Yes, on the other hand, to the long sock – up to the knee – in silk or lisle. The best colours are blue, black and grey, depending on the dress and shoe.

Although very common in weddings in recent years, etiquette does not allow for colourful or eccentric socks.

For shoes, the tips for the groom are to choose the only colour that you will never find difficult to match: black! Shiny for evening ceremonies and matte for daytime ones, but always with laces. Were you thinking of a pair of white Air Force 1s? According to the etiquette, you better change your mind, at least for your big day …


The groom’s accessories: jewellery and watch

Here the etiquette is clear: no unnecessary jewellery on the wedding day. Those allowed are:

  • house or family ring – for royal weddings;
  • twins – as long as they are small and elegant;
  • watch – but not pocket watch;
  • tie clip.

Bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings are all accessories that etiquette does not recommend. If the tie clip is an evergreen choice at the groom’s discretion, the watch has become stylish in recent years. How to wear it?


Some tips for the groom.

  • The watch should always be worn under the cuff of the shirt. To be clear, it should be half-seen when the groom has his hands in his pockets. For this, we could not choose too bulky watches.
  • It is generally recommended to avoid sports watches, such as rubber or climbing watches, and watches with a “cheap” look, such as the classic and beautiful Casio – not very suitable in combination with an elegant suit.
  • In case you choose a watch with a leather strap, this should match the shoes. Also, pay attention to the type of leather treatment: the combination of shiny shoes and opaque strap could attract a few too many glances!

A classic watch, in steel, of medium size and without too colourful and sporty details, will be the winning choice.

The groom also wants his part

We understood that being a groom is not exactly that simple! If there are many details for the bride to take into account, in the same way, there are others, equally important, for the groom. If it all seems too complex – and perhaps even superfluous at times – know that it is a familiar feeling! When you see all the elements together, I assure you that you will change your mind.


Need some more tips for the groom? Contact me, and let’s begin this travel to your big day!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Photo Credits: Alberto Cosenza;   Gianmarco Vetrano; GAP wedding; Pinterest