Ideas for wedding website: information and content

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If you are googling ideas for wedding websites, you are in the right place! Which information is essential? Why have a wedding website? In this article, I will explain in detail all the reasons why a website for your big day is an original idea and a helpful tool for you and your guests. After all, that’s why I decided to include it in my wedding planning service!

Francesco-and-Anna-Wedding-Website-Home page
Francesco and Anna Wedding Website

Why have a wedding website

The first reason why I recommend adding a site to your wedding toolkit is that it can be a valuable source for all information about the event. Especially during these uncertain times! Yes, there are wedding invitations, which are meant to inform your guests on how the ceremony and reception will be organized, but remember that here the space is limited. And once sent, they are no longer editable!

On the other hand, a wedding site allows you to keep your guests up to date on any news. Whether they are logistical – for instance, a closed road for your event location – or legal.

Let’s take an example. While I am writing this article, the Italian regulations for the wedding report the need for the Green Pass to participate in events. We agree that the spouses should take care to inform the guests of this legislation. But when we plan a wedding for the next year, how can we know which regulations will be in force? How to be sure to give correct and valid information for a future event? In this case, a website is not only useful but essential to offer our guests all the updates in real-time.

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Serenity and event expectation

Other aspects, which as a psychologist, I cannot underestimate, are the creation of waiting for the guests and the sense of security for the couple.

Creating a wedding site and updating it periodically, with the latest preparations, photos of honeymoon tickets or a simple post on the upcoming event, creates curiosity and expectation in your guests. They will look forward to participating in your big day!

On the other hand, the site removes the spouses from a whole series of situations that can cause worries. Where to insert the wedding registry? How to inform guests about a change of plans – when you may not have all the phone numbers? Here is where the wedding website becomes an indispensable tool!

Have you run out of ideas for your wedding website? Let’s see together the basic information it should include.

Wedding website: information and content

Before giving you some ideas for your wedding website content, I would like to reflect on its role. Who will the website be used by? Who will it serve most?

Guests who live close to the couple will use the wedding website to stay updated on the event and have all the important information at hand. For those who are far, however, the website will be even more helpful. The spouses can use it to pamper their guests, even before the event, by creating a section dedicated to tourist information.

As I mentioned before, the wedding website is an even more valuable tool for the couple than for guests. I say this because I know that it will be necessary to collect some information from guests to secure the event’s success. Information that is not always easy to obtain.

I am thinking, for example, about food allergies or younger children’s needs – highchairs, extra space for the baby carriage, special foods.

Furthermore, having a wedding website allows the couple to reference the wedding or travel list here, even with an IBAN code. In fact, I always advise my couples not to include the IBAN within the invitations. It is not in etiquette. Much better to create a special page on your website, which tells about your honeymoon or express the excitement of entering the new home.

the-bride-and-groom-bathe-their feet-in-the-sea

In short, if you are wondering what information to add to your wedding site, the answer is a lot of things! Let’s see all the ideas for a perfect wedding website!

Information for guests: where and when

About the organization and the location of the event, it would be good to include on your wedding site:

  • logistic information with addresses of the locations and road directions. A good idea here is to add a link to Google Maps;
  • information on transport services, shuttles, meeting points;
  • a list of accommodation to stay at during the days of the event for guests who come from afar;
  • a list of places of interest to visit nearby – often appreciated by guests from nearby cities too;
  • restaurants where you can enjoy good food in the days before and after the wedding;
  • telephone numbers of the organizers, or of the wedding planner, for any problems in reaching the locations on the day of the event;

Information for the couple: confirmation of participation, allergies, children

A wedding website, as anticipated, is perhaps more valuable to the spouses than to the guests. Through a contact form, it is possible to allow guests to confirm their presence. At the same time, they can communicate any dietary needs: allergies, intolerances, special requests. Furthermore, in the same form, it will be possible to ask your guests to confirm the presence of their children and their eventual needs. We would not like to find ourselves short of high chairs or with celiac guests who cannot taste 80% of our delicious courses!


Having a form on the website also allows the spouses to receive confirmations of participation on a single channel – the email. In this way, you will avoid the effort of tracing the confirmations given on WhatsApp, on Facebook or by phone!


Ideas for wedding website: wedding registry and IBAN code

Another great protagonist of wedding websites is the wedding registry. Although there has been a widespread trend of adding IBAN directly into invitations – to avoid undesired gifts in envelopes or presents for home – this does not mean it is good taste. Not at all! A much more elegant way to communicate to your guests the desire to receive cash gifts is to create a dedicated page on the wedding website.

Here we can give space to emotionality, telling everything behind the request for that particular gift. A once in a lifetime journey. Your dream home to buy. Or simply the willingness to put the money aside for the future needs of the family just born. Here we will have the opportunity to embed videos and photos and make the IBAN a mere element of a space that really tells about the couple, love and plans for the future.


A great idea for your website is to insert an Amazon wedding list linked to a dedicated page. Through this, guests can directly purchase the gift they are pleased to give to the newlyweds and have it delivered to their home. A huge comfort for guests! And a definitely welcome gift for the couple.

In the same way, it is possible to insert a direct donation. The spouses will receive it from the website straight on their bank account. Without the guests having to make not even the effort to fill out the bank transfer!

For a perfect wedding website, consistency is the key

Well, now that we know everything we can put on our website to make it valuable for our guests – and for us – how to do it? The answer to this question is quite simple: staying consistent with the graphic design of the event! Like every element within your wedding, the website must be in line with your stylistic choices too. The tone of voice, the fonts used, the colours, and the harmony of the shapes must reflect the event’s overall design.

This means that texts, photos and graphics must be carefully chosen and curated by a professional. After all, I assure you that all your guests will go and see it. Even just out of curiosity! It should definitely be an elegant business card for your event.

I know that at this point, some of you may be thinking: “But how do we send the website to our guests? Do we need to send them the link via WhatsApp? ” Actually, there is an easier and more elegant solution: insert your link within the wedding invitation. Either, we can create a QR Code for newlyweds who wish to offer their guests maximum comfort. This could then be attached, perhaps in a separate card, to the invitations.

Ideas for your classy wedding website

I hope I have passed you the importance of having a wedding site and its advantages in terms of peace of mind and organizational improvement. I don’t want to omit to say that it can also be a tool to be used after the wedding. For example, to show your guests the most beautiful photos of the event. Without annoying multiple sending by email or message! Or to thank everyone for participating in your big day.


Personally, I can only recommend including it among the to do’s for your wedding. If you choose to be supported by me on the most beautiful day of your life, I will be happy to design the perfect website with you.

Contact me, and let’s build your perfect wedding site together!

Tania Costantino – Full service Wedding planner in Sicily

Photo Credits:  Gianmarco Vetrano