Proposal in Italy: 6 fairytale places in Sicily

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Do you dream of a truly perfect marriage proposal in Italy? Let’s see why you should choose one of these beautiful places in Sicily! Sicily is a wonderful land and it is perfect to start one of the most important journeys of your life: that of marriage.

How to organize the perfect marriage proposal in Italy? What is the best place?

In this article, we will look at 6 gorgeous locations for your marriage proposal in Italy. I will also explain what must never be missing to make it one of the best memories of your love story!


Romantic marriage proposal: essential elements

Before discussing the perfect places for a marriage proposal in Sicily, I want to tell you about the elements that absolutely cannot be missing for the proposal to be successful. If you are thinking of kneeling in front of your other half, make sure you have thought of everything before doing it!

The surprise effect

Which marriage proposal is not surprising? Organizing a surprise proposal may not be easy, especially if you already live together or have children. This is why the support of a wedding professional could really help you in this case. You will not have to worry about buying flowers, booking the location or the photographer and… being discovered.

The ring for the marriage proposal

This seems obvious, but in reality, it is not! Many wonders if it is correct to pop the marriage proposal without a ring, perhaps because the economic conditions do not currently allow the purchase of the right ring, but you do not want to postpone it anyway. Although there is no rule, it would be better if you had a ring. But it doesn’t have to be the final one!
The ring symbolizes your commitment towards your loved one, a commitment for life.

So yes to the ring, even a modest one, that can symbolize your love and will. You can make a powerful upgrade during the preparatory period or the first year of marriage.

But remember one thing: always communicate that this will not be the definitive ring. Otherwise, the most demanding future brides could be disappointed.

The photographer (and the videomaker)

Do you want to have beautiful memories of your marriage proposal in Italy? Then you certainly can’t do it without a professional photographer! Don’t worry: your surprise marriage proposal won’t be ruined. The photographer will know how to blend into the crowd, pretend to be a customer in the chosen restaurant or a lover of trekking on Etna – yes, Etna will be one of the locations we will discuss shortly. In short, it will follow you like a shadow without being discovered.

A good idea for your surprise marriage proposal in Italy would also be to hire a videomaker. I assure you that of such a special moment, in one of the dream places in Sicily that I will propose to you, you will regret not having made a video!

Preparation and details for a perfect proposal

We have the surprise effect, the ring, the photographer and the video maker. But is that enough? We can say that we are already well underway, but we need the correct details to make everything truly fabulous. What am I talking about? Arrangements, flowers and music, for example. You may want to make an intimate proposal without too many decorations or set up a great scenography.
There is no right choice, but only the one you think is the most suitable for your couple!

But be careful: in some places that I will propose, it will not be possible to set up a Pinterest proposal with an important scenography. But I assure you that the context will already be so rich and beautiful that you will not miss it!


The party after the proposal

How to celebrate your proposal? Many couples enjoy an intimate but cheerful celebration with close friends and family. These obviously will have to be notified in advance, and they must keep the secret! Also, in this case, the figure of a wedding planner who organizes what we could call an after party for your proposal is essential for everything to run smoothly.

But if you want to end your marriage proposal in Sicily in intimacy with your other half, there are many possibilities for celebration. A candlelit dinner in a luxury restaurant, a night in the SPA, an aperitif on the boat at sunset and many, many others.

Now that you know the unmissable elements, let’s see the 6 dream places I found for your wedding proposal in Sicily.

The marriage proposal in Sicily: a neverending emotion

If organizing your wedding proposal in Sicily is a natural choice for Italians, it could also be the right choice for those who simply want a genuinely unforgettable surprise proposal. Why not take advantage of a trip to this magnificent land for your magic moment? Or why not organize a trip specifically for this purpose?

In any case, these are the 6 places you will need to keep in mind if you want to organize a unique wedding proposal in Sicily.

Erice: medieval village and breathtaking sunset

The first place I suggest is the magnificent Erice, one of the most famous hamlets in Sicily. At an altitude of 750 m, it can boast a splendid view of the Gulf of Trapani and the Egadi Islands. And, an incredible panorama over the Valderice valley and the verdant Sicilian hinterland. Why Erice?
Because it offers a sunset of rare beauty, even for our region. In summer, you can reach the summit of Erice with a cable car directly from the city of Trapani.

One of the best places for your wedding proposal in Sicily in this village is the Castello di Venere. And how could it not be with such a romantic name?The Castello di Venere, located at the highest point of Erice, offers you a breathtaking view of the sea and countryside. Just think that when the weather conditions allow it, you will also see Pantelleria and Ustica on the horizon!

So do you see yourself kneeling in front of your loved one with a breathtaking sunset in the background, moreover in a fairytale castle? I do!

Andromeda Theater: romantic dream

The Andromeda Theater is another one of those unforgettable places in Sicily. A theater built in stone at 1000 meters above sea level surrounded only by green countryside. In two words, an open-air work of art!

The theater is located in Santo Stefano Quisquina in the province of Agrigento. It can be visited by appointment until 8 pm – just on time for sunset! Do you know why it is called Andromeda? Because the seats – natural blocks of stone – scattered in a seemingly random order, are actually the perfect reproduction of the constellation of Andromeda. Romantic, isn’t it?

But be careful: if you decide to give life to your marriage proposal in Italy in this place, you will have to make sure that on the chosen day there are no events. Otherwise, you will not be able to access it!

Punta Bianca: with the Scala of Turchi in the background


We remain in the province of Agrigento for another dream place: Punta Bianca! A few kilometers from the Valley of the Temples, it is in the center of a natural area characterized by wild beaches, crystal clear sea and Mediterranean scrub. It can be reached via a panoramic footpath of about thirty minutes. An intimate and uncrowded location perfect for a romantic but original wedding proposal. Think of a photoshoot between nature and crystal clear water! Unforgettable.

Theatre of Tindari

Another theater, another fantastic place. This time we are in Tindari, in the province of Messina. I have already told you about this beautiful city in my article on the best churches to get married in Sicily, where I could not miss the incredible Sanctuary of Tindari. But even the theater is a work of art not to be underestimated.

With a splendid view of the sea, the Greek theater of Tindari could become the perfect place for your wedding proposal in Italy.

Open until 7pm, it will allow you to intercept a sunset over the sea that will be a perfect background for your fairytale wedding proposal!

Aeolian Islands: sunsets, sunsets and more sunsets

What can I say? A marriage proposal in the Aeolian Islands could only result in a riot of emotions for your other half. I told you about the beauty of these areas in my article Wedding locations in the Aeolian Islands: 5 dream places.

But if you want to stay in Sicily but still look at the Aeolian Islands, proposing in one of the terraces overlooking the sea with a view of the islands will undoubtedly be a successful choice. The Quattrocchi Belvedere, for instance, offers an incredible view of the Faraglioni of Lipari and the island of Vulcano. Unforgettable in the daytime, it is in the muffled and warm light of the sunset that it shows its best part.

If you are not a fan of natural viewpoints, you should know that there are locations and restaurants with breathtaking terraces for a chic and elegant proposal. Not everyone likes trekking, after all!

Etna: the marriage proposal in classic Sicily

How not add a marriage proposal on Etna to this list? A nice trek, and then…on your knees! An impressive panorama with its expanses of black lava in contrast with the blue sky. Or with our beloved pink sunset, a trend in marriage proposals! If you have chosen a diamond ring, it will look even more sparkling against the dark background of the lava!

And if it seems too spartan, remember that we have dozens of magnificent locations with a view of Etna. Why not evaluate one?

The marriage proposal in Italy: organize yours in Sicily

Giving life to a marriage proposal in Italy, in these dream places, can be a journey of obstacles, especially if you do not know the area or do it from another nation! Some locations may be temporarily restricted to the public, under renovation, subject of events, or simply too crowded in your favorite period. How to know? Only by relying on those who know the area and can organize everything for you, hiring the correct figures and ensuring nothing is left to chance.

After all, it is one of the most important days of your life! And the moment that seals the beginning of the magnificent journey of marriage. Why not make it perfect?

Contact me, and let’s organize a proposal that makes your start fantastic. Because as they say, whoever gets off to a good start is half the battle!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

A special Thanks to Elisa Trusso  for her photographic tales of love in Sicily