Aeolian Islands wedding: 5 dream locations

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If you are dreaming of an Aeolian Islands wedding… you are in the right place! As a genuine Sicilian, this beautiful archipelago is one of my favourite areas. And how could it not have been! Crystal clear water with infinite shades between the deep blue and sky blue, clear and bright air, breathtaking views and delicious food.

The Aeolian Islands are a real jewel of our Sicily. Getting married here in a destination wedding formula is an experience none of your guests will ever forget. Furthermore, as we will see, there are solutions for all tastes: luxury, typicality, Mediterranean authenticity and much more.

Before telling you about these five fantastic locations for an Aeolian Islands wedding, I want to clarify one of the most frequent doubts of couples who shyly tell me that they would like to celebrate their dream in these lands: “It’s too expensive for our budget, isn’t it?”

Actually, no. Of course, the Islands are not the cheapest location I can offer to my couples. But unlike how they are perceived, not even the most expensive!

Moreover, there are some aspects of the offer that we absolutely must take into account to better understand the value of the proposal. 

I’ll tell you about this topic at the end of the article.

One thing is sure though: your wedding will be an unforgettable day.

Let’s discover these dreamy places together!

Therasia Resort: the pearl of Vulcano Island

Therasia Resort is one of the most famous venues for Aeolian Islands weddings. Located on Vulcano Island, in a breathtaking position, it is the perfect setting for an exclusive, elegant and definitely five-star wedding.


In this resort, we find a one-star Michelin restaurant, “Il Cappero” – which can be booked separately from the wedding package – and a highly trained staff to offer your guests the best traditional Sicilian gourmet food and a wonderful stay.

Theresia is the classic luxury resort: swimming pools, SPA, finely furnished rooms and suites and several restaurants to satisfy all palates. Perfect for a wedding where your guests can combine their presence on your big day with a weekend in one of the most beautiful Sicilian holiday destinations!

The strong point of this wedding location is undoubtedly the view! A wonderful terrace on the Faraglioni of Lipari and a dramatic window on the sunset. The resort is, in fact, set on the Vulcanello promontory from which it enjoys a privileged position overlooking the sea.

Are you not a lover of pure elegance and prefer a more typical venue? Then the island of Panarea is the one for you!


Hotel Lisca Bianca: the typical Panarea

Between the best locations for an Aeolian Islands wedding, I could not fail to mention this ethereal hotel on the coasts of Panarea, the smallest and oldest of the islands. A land where the volcanic origin is clearly visible in the rugged and high northern shores made by precipices and solidification of lava. A lunar landscape in which the Lisca Bianca stands like a luminous beacon. The main peculiarity of this hotel? The typical Sicilian colours: white and blue.

Terraces overlooking the sea, white columns and warm light candles give this resort a romantic and decidedly comfortable atmosphere. Even the white rooms with traditional furnishings fully engage guests in the most authentic Sicilian atmosphere.

I recommend this location to couples who desire an intimate wedding and experience the authentic island atmosphere. If I were you, I would really think about it!

Do you prefer the authenticity of the countryside to the style to a thousand and one nights style? No problem: let’s go to Salina. I had anticipated that the Aeolian Islands offer locations for all tastes! (By the way, you’ve already read my article: Island wedding: discover Salina and 5 great reasons to choose it)

Capofaro: a dip in the rural Sicily

The island of Salina is the most fertile of the Aeolian Islands, characterized by green and luxuriant landscapes. The queen here is the grapevine. And it is surrounded by a Malvasia vineyard, overlooking the sea, that the Locanda Capofaro stands.

It has 27 rooms with private terraces, and it is perfect for hosting friends and relatives in an unforgettable ambience. The Capofaro restaurant offers menus with local products and wines from the Estate. An authentic Sicilian cuisine!

If you wonder where the name Capofaro comes from – which in Italian means “promontory of the beacon” – the answer is the easiest: from the large white lighthouse that stands a few steps from the Estate. Where I will tell you more, we also find a suite. You got it right, you can spend your wedding night sleeping in a lighthouse with a breathtaking view of the Sicilian sea! An experience more unique than rare.

You can entirely book Capofaro. This means complete privacy and the possibility of celebrating your wedding weekend in a dream location surrounded by your loved ones only. I assure you this is one of my favourite places here in Sicily!

The only cons, if you can call it that, is the position! Indeed, it is lovely, but overlooking the sea surrounded by a rich vineyard. Not one of the most accessible places to reach, much less with the suppliers’ vehicles. In any case, I believe that this little extra effort is worth one of the best locations for an Aeolian Islands wedding.

Ok, you are not crazy about the idea of ​​an isolated place, but would you still like authenticity? We have it: let’s remain in Salina and immerse ourselves in the scene of the Hotel Signum, the perfect combination of typicality and elegance. Are you ready?

Bride-and-groom-in Pollara

Hotel Signum: elegance and warmth in Salina

I believe that when we talk about Sicily, the collective imagination flies to something like the Signum: sea, olive trees, flowers, pink limestone, sweet scents and a lot of sun. Signum is more than a hotel: it is a beautiful experience for your Aeolian Islands wedding.

The hotel is actually a tiny renovated hamlet that recalls all the history instilled in our territory. Moreover, it also has a beautiful SPA, a swimming pool, many flowering trees and an excellent view of Panarea and Stromboli.

The biggest strength of this magical place is the restaurant. Here Martina Caruso, a chef with a Michelin star, creates works of taste with the best typical Sicilian ingredients.

The only drawback of a location that really has none? The moderate distance from the sea – compared to other classic wedding locations in the Aeolian Islands.

But here you can find the authentic Sicily: I have no doubt about it.

So let’s stay in Salina and go to see another fantastic location, left for last for its uniqueness: the Hotel Principe di Salina.


Aeolian Islands wedding: Principe di Salina

The Principe di Salina is the very dream of a Sicilian wedding. Here everything blends perfectly: the green hills of vineyards, the blue of the sky, the azure of the sea, the bright white of the rooms and furnishings, the traditional but elegant cuisine. The Principe di Salina Hotel is a modest luxury; it’s the love of a mother: it smells good.

This location can accommodate up to a maximum of 130 people. However, it has “only” 12 rooms – for a total of 28 guests. It is a hotel that lends itself well to all those couples who want to experience their wedding surrounded by friends and relatives but crave to remember the following or previous days together with only their closest family: without hurting anyone! A small pearl suitable for intimate weddings full of bonds and emotions.

This location can be entirely booked, too. Authenticity is not lacking in this place!


The postcard location for your Aeolian Islands wedding

Reading this article, were you struck by a particular location? I’m sure something made your eyes sparkle! If you plan to celebrate your wedding in Sicily, perhaps on the beach, you cannot fail to consider the Aeolian option. 

It is not said that it won’t fall within your budget! Moreover, my job is to satisfy your wishes while paying attention to the budget.

Furthermore, as I mentioned before, even if the costs seem higher, we must consider that many of these locations, in addition to being decidedly unique, also include the price of the stay and the reservation of the rooms. Therefore, you will not have to spend an extra euro to allow your loved ones to spend as long as necessary with you. And I guarantee you that this, in the Sicilian summer, is a great advantage.

If you want a luxurious, elegant, unforgettable wedding in the real Sicily, the Aeolian Islands are the one for you. But be careful! Planning a wedding on these small islands, coordinating suppliers, reaching these magnificent hotels overlooking breathtaking cliffs is no small feat. That’s why, here more than ever, the figure of a wedding professional is not only recommended but necessary.

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Photo Credits: Nino Bartuccio; Gilda Fontana; Salvo Mancuso; Gap Wedding