Successful wedding reportage: tips for a perfect photoshoot

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What is wedding reportage, and why should you evaluate it if you are planning your big day? The photoshoot is one of the first aspects of the wedding that you start thinking about after the arrival of the long-awaited proposal. If you have not yet made it (or received it), you will find some magnificent places in this article to take your photos of engagement in Sicily.

Not all couples want the classic wedding photoshoot. What is meant by classic? A professional shoot that, based on a precise timeline, marks all the most important moments of the big day, mainly with posed pictures. The photographer addresses not only the spouses but also relatives and friends, advising gestures, movements, positions, and expressions.

A somewhat editorial-style photoshoot: built and perfect – almost like a magazine!

Couples of all generations love this dreamy style, but not everyone!

In particular, the youngest of my future married couples, who often prefer to create a wedding reportage.

Let’s see what a reportage is and how it takes place, and some fundamental tips by Emanuele Torre – video maker author of the video you will see in this article.

Lover’s Eyes – Marco & Virginia Wedding Trailer from Torre Films on Vimeo.

What a wedding reportage is and its characteristics

Reportage is a term that comes from journalistic writing. To be clear, it is a style of writing the article in which direct experience and witnesses are brought to the fore. In photography, direct witnesses are transformed into unfiltered emotions, spontaneous expressions, and genuine gestures. 

In this case, everything is filmed (or shot) without – or almost – interference by the photographer in carrying out the event. This has aspects that, based on the spouses’ preferences, can be evaluated as advantages or disadvantages.

In the wedding reportage – the real one – the photographer is there but is not noticed. He often remains at a distance from the emotions of the spouses, still capturing every moment on the film.

There are usually no retail timelines in wedding reportage for the same reason. The photographic service flows following the course of the day (without imposing itself on it!).

As a wedding planner, I could never argue that “there is no timeline” since this broadly concerns the whole wedding. It is necessary for each element to be in its place and for spouses and guests to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

After all, you can’t prepare a good cake without a precise recipe. True?

However, it is certain that in the reportage, no one will tell you: “Wait, wait, here, now: hug your mother!” or “In ten minutes, we will take pictures in front of the car“.

In the wedding reportage, the photographer will be there and in your shadow. While you shine with your light, he will film it!

The keywords are spontaneity, freedom, and authenticity. The spouses who ask for the reportage are those who prefer an unfiltered sincerity compared to glossy Pinterest-style perfection. Everyone else might be disappointed!

The wedding reportage: fixed naturalness

When it comes to wedding reportage, one thing is certain: not in all the photos (and in the video!) the bride’s hair and makeup will be perfect. And even the groom’s tie or collar may not be in place. And that expression? You didn’t think you made that face, did you?

As I anticipated, the reportage is not for couples who want perfect photos, in which every element appears as in a shop window: it may not be so, precisely because it is natural!

But some tricks can guide this naturalness to ensure that everything looks as perfect as possible.

An important aspect is this: remember to ask your photographer and video maker to dwell on the details that are important to you. If you wish to have the memory of particular moments with your relatives or precise details, try to immediately inform your professional so that, even if spontaneously, no moment that is important to you is not immortalized.

How the wedding reportage takes place

The wedding reportage is a story: it starts from the moment of preparation of the couple and ends when there is nothing more of value to tell.

It is good to specify that there are no pauses in the reportage. There are no moments that are filmed and moments that are forgotten, at most moments that will be cut later.

I will not list all the phases of the wedding that will be photographed and filmed because they are the classics involved in every big day. But I want to focus on the part of the day to which the couple – especially the brides – are giving more and more importance: the getting ready. This anxious phase that precedes the ceremony is full of emotions and thrills and includes dressing, makeup, hair and often moments created ad hoc for friends and bridesmaids. I think of the breakfast buffet at the bride’s house or the bottle of sparkling wine uncorked with friends, complete with a toast in a dressing gown – even the one purchased for the purpose.

A phase of which I assure you will want to have memories on film, but also very delicate.

Why? Because the delay is just around the corner! If this crucial moment of the day is not organized correctly, there is a risk of:

  • to don’t enjoy it fully
  • to do everything in a rush
  • to arrive late

But don’t worry: with these tips, everything will be perfect in your wedding reportage!

Without you I am nothing – Wedding Trailer from Torre Films on Vimeo.

5 tips from the video maker for a perfect photo and video reportage

Here are some tips for an unforgettable wedding reportage from phase 1.

The bride gets ready last!

On the wedding day, everyone is in a hurry, and it seems that the time to prepare is never enough. There is always someone who is not ready, when is the time to leave for the ceremony.

But the only one who can have this luxury is the bride.

By the time the photographers arrive, the bride should have already started her preparation and look presentable. What does this word mean? Usually: with the dressing gown or dress chosen for the preparations, with the hair at least arranged and a part of the makeup done.

In this way, the bride will feel at ease in front of the camera, and while makeup artists and hairstylists prepare mothers, sisters and bridesmaids, the photographer and video maker will be able to dedicate themselves to the bride.

Once shot these moments, the bride can finish her preparation and arrive at the ceremony with fresh and perfect makeup and hairstyle!

If the bride prepares last, it goes without saying that her relatives, at least the closest ones, should be ready before the bride finishes her hair and makeup. And this also applies to the bridesmaids! As soon as the bride is ready, some shots can be taken before leaving for the big yes.

Witnesses, bridesmaids, and pageboys: punctuality and fairness

It is not unusual for someone to arrive late and for the bride or groom to have to wait. A moment of waiting, and perhaps even nervousness, is not the best for a wedding reportage whose purpose is to regain authenticity. Let’s make sure it is an authenticity made up of positive emotions!

This is why it is vital to make sure that you provide the wedding planner with all the contacts of the people involved in the crucial phases of the ceremony. She’ll take care of contacting latecomers. Often even before the bride and groom can notice the delay!

The Two of Us – Bernardo & Marialuisa Wedding Trailer from Torre Films on Vimeo.

“What should I be doing?”

No bride resists this question, especially in delicate moments such as preparation and dressing. In this case, privacy and confidentiality will be the keywords. The photographer and video maker will not shoot anything that the bride and groom do not want.

But these should remain natural!

I know it can seem not easy to be spontaneous when you know that those moments, captured right in your home, will forever remain on paper in one of the most important albums of your life.

But I assure you that tranquility and spontaneity will make your wedding reportage fantastic.

It’s a reportage; better not ask for too many posed photos

The photographers and video makers taking care of your event are specialized in the extraordinary reportage style: they don’t like to film or shoot in a pose! If you have chosen a wedding reportage, you have done it with the desire for spontaneous and natural photos. Don’t get anxious about not having perfect pictures by asking for too many posed shots!

But the shots with relatives? If they are in your wishes, it is best to let the professional know before the wedding. It would also be good to make a small selection and take posed photos only with the closest relatives and friends.

Enjoy the day

The wedding reportage is done for you. Trust your professionals, and don’t think about it. Remember: they will be your shadow. You just take care to enjoy every moment of this unforgettable day. I assure you that you will wonder how it can already be finished at the end of the day! All the staff and I will take care of the rest.

Dream of reality – Antonio & Tiziana Wedding Trailer from Torre Films on Vimeo.

The wedding reportage: moments long a lifetime

Any wedding photoshoot will look great, whether classic or reportage style.

It is only your emotions and preferences that matter.

If you choose the reportage style – which does not provide precise timelines – having a wedding planner who establishes the times and manages any unexpected events for you will ensure that you enjoy your big day to the fullest, and only positive feelings will be immortalized. Just the ones you will experience!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Photo Credits: Marek Sybal