Taste experiences for the heart

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Especially in Sicily, the culinary art had risen almost to the dignity of science as early as the fifth century BC

Deborah Burton, Harvard University

Sicilian cuisine is a triumph of the senses, it is a real adventure that has no equal anywhere else in the world.

The first secret of such goodness lies in the numerous culinary influences that have followed one another in  the island, because of the foreign dominations, influences that the Sicilians have made their own. The second is the variety and quality of the ingredients that contribute to creating unexpected flavours and unique combinations. And what about wines? The island’s vineyards cover an area of ​​120,000 hectares and allow the production of fine and sought-after wines.

But there is even more, because food in Sicily is not only goodness, it is conviviality, exchange, celebration, thanksgiving.

So what better destination to live such an embracing experience?

We will be able to accompany you in choosing the most exclusive wineries and locations and offer you the best Sicilian chefs to crown your love dream in the tastiest way.