Elegant wedding

Elegant Wedding

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So kind and so honest she looks
my woman, when she greets others,
that every tongue becomes, shaking, mute
and eyes dare not look at her

Dante Alighieri

Elegant and pure white the style of this wedding setting up, realized in harmony with the architecture of the location, a wonderful nineteenth-century Sicilian historic abode with walls covered by scented jasmine.

The imperial table overlooking the Strait of Messina has been laid in the Italian garden among green lawn beds and a harmonious fountain surrounded by white flowers. Details in silver, candles, eucalyptus and English roses enrich the mise en place, ending with a sophisticated yet simple wedding cake.

The atmosphere is elegant and pure white as the bond between them: young, deeply in love, shy but sure of being in the right place at the right time. I adored her, sophisticated and beautiful, maybe not even aware of how much she was!

This story tells of sweetness and simplicity, the timeless grace of white, the attention to details and my absolute belief that after the rain there is always the sun.