Baroque wedding

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If you have always imagined getting married in a sumptuous way, in contexts with magnificent and monumental shapes you could madly fall in love with the baroque cities that Sicily offers.

Baroque art touches the soul and feelings of people with its flair and its rich and elaborate decorations.

South-east Sicily is the heart of these architectures: Noto with its elegant and neat Corso overlooked by buildings and churches that make you dream at night and silence you during the day, taking on a coppery yellow color in the sun, that looks like its own light; Modica and its Church of San Giorgio which stands on top of a staircase of 250 steps; Ragusa Ibla a jewel nestled in labyrinthine alleys that wind through gray stone buildings, and then open into magnificent squares. And what about the baroque buildings, villas and palaces of Palermo and Catania? Only that they are waiting to amaze you!