Fall wedding in Italy: 4 perfect locations in Sicily

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Are you thinking about a romantic fall wedding in Italy? In this case, Sicily is a real dreamy option! It’s true, our land is radiant in summer … but who said that an autumn wedding in Sicily couldn’t be as wonderful? One of the biggest strengths of this region is that of being a vibrant and flexible territory. Nothing could be more wrong than thinking that Sicily is only sea, sun and saltiness! Even in summer, there are many alternatives to a beach wedding.

Sicily is a land of scents, colours, and traditions that, in fall, are dressed in orange tones and muffled atmospheres. This region of delicious food and wine richness can really offer the best seafood, vegetarian, and meat cuisine. I talked about this topic in my article on the Sicilian wedding menu.

Not to mention the landscapes! Sicily extends over 27 thousand km² of crystalline sea, flourishing countryside, hectic cities and small old towns. Precisely for this reason, it can offer a good variety of locations for your fall wedding!

But before seeing them, let’s see what the pros of celebrating your Italian fall wedding in Sicily are. I anticipate right away that relying on a professional when the weather is unpredictable is necessary to be sure that everything, even in case of wind or rain, goes well!


Fall wedding in Italy: why Sicily is perfect

As a wedding planner working for years, all year round, throughout the Sicilian territory, I can assure you that choosing fall to celebrate your Italian wedding is a brilliant decision. Let’s see the two main advantages of getting married in the fall.

Equal quality at lower cost

Sicily in the summer is beautiful, but as with any seaside place, many of our stunning locations are more expensive during the high season. And it is accurate for the wedding location AND for everything that it includes.

In fact, summer is not only the high tourist season, so even the accommodations – which you may want to offer to your guests who come from afar – will be more expensive, but it is also the high season…for weddings! 

Let’s be honest: everyone would like to get married in the summer, with beautiful sun, in one of the fine places facing the Sicilian sea. For this reason, there are many weddings. And according to the classic law of supply-demand, supplier prices are also usually higher.

Ps: One of the advantages of having a wedding professional with partner suppliers is that this will always ensure you the best prices. In any season!


A mild climate and warm atmospheres

So, in addition to the prices, obviously, I can’t not tell you about the weather. Although the climate is unstable in this period, we can often find mild and sunny days in all of Italy. The over 40 degrees of summer are just a memory, and you, together with your guests, can only be happy.

Finally – and I have already talked about this in my article dedicated to autumn weddings – the fall celebrations are often warmer…despite the season!

Since the climate and landscapes cannot delight us with beauties at their peak, in autumn weddings – and I say this from experience – even more emotions emerge.

Closed and less dispersive places facilitate socialization, and the result is often a marriage where bonds and friendliness are the main ingredients.

The question, therefore, is not whether to get married in autumn in Sicily, but which location to choose to best celebrate this day – taking into account the unpredictability of the weather.

Let’s see four perfect options for your fall wedding in Italy, tested and approved by spouses, guests and … wedding planners!

The classic fall wedding in the vineyard

I said classic, but it’s a trend that has made a comeback in recent years. Celebrating your big day in a vineyard, perhaps during the harvest period, will surely leave an unforgettable memory for your guests.

The choice of a wedding in the vineyard is a stylish choice but at the same time rich in tradition. The vineyard has the enviable ability to make you and your guests feel at home. A house that smells of wet wood, ripe grapes and fresh grass.

The vineyard is also often a very flexible location, perfect for the unstable weather of October and November. In the case of a warm and sunny day, the wedding banquet could even be set up outdoors. Especially if at lunch! The solution of outdoor tables between the vineyards is one of the most suggestive an autumn wedding in Sicily can offer.

What about cold, windy or rainy days? No problem! There will always be the opportunity to move to the facilities of the farmhouse, estate or cellar that takes care of the vineyard. In this context, the much-feared rain will fit perfectly into an autumn landscape.

Here we could play with winter decorations and warmer tones. Perfect for heating the already welcoming atmospheres of these traditional locations!

For spouses who want a themed or extravagant wedding, it is possible to organize ad hoc activities for the guests based on wine on the day of the celebration or before and after. Which? Tastings, grape picking or bunch pressing with bare feet are just some of the ideas!

In short, an excellent choice for a pleasant and successful wedding regardless of the weather forecast. However, if wine isn’t a great passion for you, there are other wonderful options.

Fall wedding in Italy: the traditional and chic Sicilian masseria 

For newlyweds who want to breathe authentic Sicily, the masseria is undoubtedly the best choice. Throughout our territory, we have dozens of beautiful farms that welcome weddings in all seasons. In autumn, the farm often offers the same advantages as the vineyard. I’m talking about tradition, the possibility of setting up – weather permitting – the banquet outside and large indoor spaces.

The masseria is the right choice for all spouses with a large number of guests who want a wedding:

  • traditional and genuine;
  • with typical foods;
  • elegant but without excess.

Opposite to what the term might evoke, Sicilian farms today are very different from what they were a century ago.

The masseria is now a location that has often been the subject of a conservative restoration, which has made what was once rural and humble chic and luxurious. We are talking about structures immersed in the greenery of the Sicilian countryside focused on quiet but high-level hospitality.

An added value of the farm compared to other locations is undoubtedly the possibility of booking rooms. This solution fits for those with guests who come from afar. But also for young spouses who want to continue the celebrations until late at night or during the next day.

Definitely a location of meaningful effect and warmth to consider for a perfect fall wedding in Italy!

The luxury farmhouse: for demanding spouses

Remaining on the countryside theme, there is still a category of structures with a lot to offer in autumn: luxury farmhouses. This type of tourism widespread in recent years and has seen the restoration of ancient farmhouses to create exquisite chic estates. Often with top-notch restaurants and 5 * services!

Locations like these are suitable for demanding spouses and elegant weddings. Speaking of budget, this may be the most expensive option we’ve seen so far. But even here, the spouses could benefit from the autumn effect. I would like to include both luxury estates and old farmhouses with luxury hospitality in this category.

However, I know that some couples won’t like weddings in the countryside, among vineyards and ancient tools of the agricultural tradition. Some of you may be thinking of the stone and gold colours of the old castles and historic buildings and their timeless elegance.

So .. let’s talk about it!

Fall wedding in Italy: Sicilian medieval towns and palaces

The medieval village is certainly an environment that is also suitable for the most tragic scenario: the rain! It may be that countless films and TV series have told us about it, but it would not seem too strange to walk a small cobbled street in the rain before entering a sumptuous castle, with a warm, welcoming and spacious banquet hall waiting for all our guests.

In Sicily, in particular between Catania, Palermo and Syracuse, we find incredible historical settings. From palaces to authentic castles, perfect for gorgeous lace wedding dresses with long sleeves. Observing the colours of autumn from the windows of the party hall will be unforgettable!

Here we can mention the Palazzo Borgia del Casale in Syracuse, the Maniero Country House in Catania, the Casale San Leonardo or the Grand Hotel et Des Palmes in Palermo or the majestic Castle of Chiaramonte in Agrigento.

Although in their different styles, these pearls of an ancient past are ideal for a charming fall wedding in Italy. Whether it is elegant and glamorous, boho chic and country or exquisitely traditional, one of these historical settings will be able to make it perfect.

Getting married in a fall wedding in Italy: Sicily is waiting for you

Getting married in this land of the sun in autumn could give the idea of ​​not being able to fully exploit the beauty of the place. In truth, and I speak in front of you as a genuine Sicilian, this is not the case. Autumn, with its warmer colours and its mild climate, could hold great surprises at lower costs.

Why not take it into consideration?

The important thing, as I always state, is to rely on the right professionals. These will be able to take advantage of the pros of this season and take you – even literally – shelter from the most unpredictable weather conditions.

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily