Weddings in Italy 2023: the latest trends for your dreamy Italian wedding

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Are you thinking about a wedding in Italy in 2023-24? Let’s see the trends!

This 2022 season full of weddings is about to leave us: it’s time to talk about 2023-24 wedding trends!

But first, let’s take a step back. How was this Italian wedding season just ended? Romantic, chic, boho, at times sensual.

Here, now we can take all these adjectives and … forget them. The 2023 wedding trends in Italy speak to us in a completely different language, and I would say full of contrasts.

The renowned protagonists will be the flowers – and therefore a certain romanticism – and the eccentric and rebellious extreme volumes. Intimate and authentic ceremonies, often sustainable, but also an irreverent elegance that does not want to go unnoticed.

The 2023 wedding trends seem to reflect a world in turmoil and constant change. And of the spouses who, although authentic and lovers of sustainability, do not renounce – rightly so – to be the centre of attention.

Let’s find out the main wedding trends of the coming years.


The symbolic ceremony and intimate weddings in Italy in 2023: love and bonds are protagonists

A definite trend of the 2023 Italian weddings is the symbolic ceremony, often matched by an intimate and quiet wedding. As they say, few but good. Perhaps these years of significant challenges have left us the gift of the ability to understand the importance of simple things and the people who love us.

Even among my couples, more and more people ask me for authentic and sober luxury weddings. Calm, intimate, romantic, but exclusive.

The symbolic ceremonies are also popular. The reasons are different, but one is undoubtedly the desire for freedom. Or I could also say the willingness to crown that dream wedding imagery in full Pinterest style.

Getting married in church is not for everyone, and we know it well. But getting married in a civil ceremony, in most cases, requires you to do it in agreed locations, without much choice for the venue. On the other hand, the symbolic ceremony offers the maximum freedom to say yes, just as it had always been imagined. If you are interested in this trend, I talked about the symbolic ceremony and the various rites in this article.


Along the same lines, the next trend for your wedding in Italy in 2023.

The destination wedding or elopement in Italy

After the intimate wedding, we find the elopement. Choosing Italy for your elopements means exchanging your vows in breathtaking locations, alone or surrounded by a few (very few) intimates. 

I am partial, but Sicily is one of the most beautiful regions for your elopement in Italy. 

You can start with a romantic Sicilian proposal and then organise your incredible wedding between sun, sands and crystal clear water. What a dream! You could also choose to honeymoon in the magnificent Italian locations: Palermo, Capri, Naples, Rome, Florence, Venetia, and Sardinia.


Other times there is an intimate dinner in an incredible restaurant, while more rarely a small lunch or a family dinner.

The destination wedding, on the other hand, is not necessarily intimate. Often it becomes for practical reasons: not everyone can travel hundreds if not thousands of kilometres to attend the wedding! The essence of the destination wedding is, in fact, just this: it takes place in a destination far from the place of residence of the spouses and most friends and relatives.

In short, we all leave together to celebrate the wedding in a usually heavenly and unforgettable place. Again, many of my 2023-2024 couples … come from very far away to get married in my wonderful Sicily!

The 2023 trends in wedding design in Italy: flowers, volume, crystals

As I mentioned, the 2023 weddings in Italy do not renounce romanticism but season it with exuberance and exaggerated volumes. The great protagonists are – and perhaps remain – the flowers. But in the next few years – get ready – you will find them everywhere!


The wedding dresses and accessories will be full of them. Cakes and every element of wedding design too: from invitations to the tableau de mariage, to the mise en place, often even the ceramics! An absolute riot of flowers.

If you are among the spouses 2023-2024, remember to allocate a good chunk of the budget for decorations to the florist. You will not be able to do without it.

If you have no idea how to make a wedding budget – and it is normal – you can find some ideas in this article dedicated to the costs of the wedding!

In addition to flowers, however, there is another main protagonist among the 2023 Italian wedding trends. We will find this everywhere too: the volume!

Volume is intended not only as “voluminous” but also as “in relief”. Applications of 3D flowers to dresses and accessories, pearls, maxi satin bows and crystals will be a constant in your wedding design.


The eco-sustainable and km0 ceremony: the 2023 wedding of millennials

It is now clear: the youngest are the most sensitive to the issue of sustainability. And the weddings of the youngest millennials and the biggest of Gen Z prove it.

Sustainability flows here in each element. Invitations become precious cards made with plantable artisan paper, with natural plant, herb or vegetable seeds. The favours turn into small donation notices to charities – solidarity favours or into delicious gastronomic favours.

There is also great attention to flowers. We have said that flowers are the protagonists, but buying flowers abroad (because they are not seasonal) is not in line with the idea of ​​sustainability. For this reason, in a sustainable wedding 2023, the flowers are exclusively local and seasonal. Or, at best, wonderful dried flowers!

The same trend returns in the choice of locations: immersed in nature! Masserie, luxury farmhouses and five-star country houses are making a comeback from chic city hotels. Weddings in villas in the countryside or vineyards are also trendy.

In Sicily, then, there is an embarrassment of choice!

The location in the countryside is tied hand in glove with the choice of a 0 km menu with genuine and local ingredients. We discussed it in this article dedicated to the Sicilian wedding menu.

Now that we have explored wedding design, according to the 2023 wedding trends in Italy, we just have to understand what the colours of the year are. Or perhaps it would be better to say how many there are!


2023 wedding colours: not which ones, but how many

We are spoiled for choice for the colours of the 2023-24 weddings in Italy. We go from a calm blue to the whole range of ocher, beige and green (which go well with the sustainability trend). But let’s not forget that they will be creative years, so pink and sometimes violet will not be left on the sidelines, especially in the floral arrangement.

While waiting for the Pantone Color of the Year – I remind you that last year colour was the Very Peri, a deep purple – WSG has announced its Color of 2023, which is nothing more than …the Digital Lavender! A cold and delicate lavender, which can be declined in a thousand different ways in the wedding field.

I told you in this article about all the trends for the mise en place – and also about colours.

But in all this, does he marry her?

2023 wedding dresses for an Italian ceremony: did we already mention flowers and volume?


According to Vogue, the reference for 2023 bridal trends is Lady Diana’s dress. You said nothing!

For younger brides who may not remember it, we can describe it in three characteristics: princely skirt, voluminous sleeves, and v-neckline.

All, absolutely all, the main lines of the 2023-24 catwalk dresses.

Skirts are no longer slippery – to show the shapes – but wide and princely, often with long trains. The watchwords are volume and applications.

We find elaborate dresses made of delicate fabrics with abundant 3D floral applications, pearls and crystals.

Corsets abandon the transparency of recent years to cover themselves with lace and craftsmanship. After years of undressing tendencies, it seems that 2023-2024 brides will be more covered, but in a formula that does not give up on sensuality!

Alongside puffed sleeves, embroidered veils, and (again) floral applications, we find vertiginous V-necklines that highlight the décolleté.

In short, the 2023 wedding dresses are exuberant, articulated, romantic and whimsical: like the true protagonists of the scene.

Considering that the 2023 bridal collections came out in April 2022 and the dress is chosen about a year before the wedding … I recommend you run and select your dress if you get married in 2023!

If, on the other hand, you have set your date for 2024, you can wait for April 2023 and find the latest news in the atelier.

Elisabetta Polignano

From wedding trends to your dream 2023 wedding in Italy

Now that you know all the major 2023-24 trends, how about setting that date and kicking off your preparations?

I don’t need to tell you: your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Organising it in all the details and having it just as you have always dreamed of is not as simple as it seems… even if you know all the trends of the coming years.

Do you want to get married in Sicily and have constant support, all-inclusive and with a five-star service? I am here for you.

From coordination to the all-inclusive premium package, we will draw up your wish list together and understand how to organise that wedding a stone’s throw from the crystalline Sicilian sea you have always wanted.

Write to me before the 2023-24 agenda closes!

Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

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