Sicilian mood

Sicilian Mood

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It only takes a moment to feel enveloped by a new and ancient sensation, enchanting and narcotizing at the same time, that moment in which you place your foot on this island, got off a train or plane. And you immediately understand that this land, this landscape, this light belong to you, they are part of your DNA, your roots, your soul, something you feel yours.

Claudia Cardinale

Sicily is a land in front of which it’s really impossible to remain unfeeling: the climate, the landscapes, the scents, the history, the good food, each of these reasons is worth a journey, a discovery, a deepening.

This styled shooting is inspired by the colors of Greek Sicily which reaches its maximum expression in the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, considered by Lonely Planet “one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in southern Europe”. The colors are those of the earth, the green of the vegetation, of nature, that one of the flourishing countryside where getting lost in thoughts and emotions, the colors that talk about strength and perseverance.

The bride is there, in the center, among the flavors of the table, of the fruit with its perfumes, and our unique pastry; the hand-embroidered tablecloths, the ceramics and the floral arrangements surround and enhance her: she, fragile and daring at the same time, impetuous and courteous.

This Inspirational Shoot is dedicated to the female soul of my island, strong, proud, passionate and sophisticated!