Sicilian Baroque wedding

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The spouse of this wedding in the Sicilian Baroque is romantic and dreamy and Scicli could not be anything but the perfect setting!

Scicli, a World Heritage Site since 2002, is one of the 8 cities of the Val di Noto where, amidst canyons and endless coasts, the most majestic and suggestive expressions of Baroque and late Baroque in Sicily can be found (read more about Baroque in Sicily here).

This refined and sophisticated style is evident when strolling through the streets of its old town. You can see it in the rich facades of the churches and in the peculiar ornaments of the noble palaces

The decorations are complex, full of ghostly masks and carvings almost embroidered in the stone that create a bizarre, but at the same time poetic, effect.

Such a rich and scenic artistic setting is the perfect background for a Sicilian Baroque wedding where dream and reality blend and intertwine.

The shy and languid bride is driven by her desires, her groom and the majestic and harmonious architecture. 

The design of the wedding and the color palette based on shades of pink and light blue are inspired by Baroque frescoes, cherubs and decorative angels. 

This is also why the atmosphere of the wedding is dreamlike. The light reflects on the white limestone of the architecture and the bride, in her dress made entirely of tulle, moves gracefully and tenderly to the vantage point of the Chiesa di San Matteo.

I loved this wedding in Scicli and dreamed, lost in a setting impossible to forget!