The first space in Italy dedicated to pre-marital lay courses is born: Anami

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The first space in Italy dedicated to pre-marital lay courses is born: Anami

The first space in Italy specifically dedicated to pre-marital lay courses is now a reality!

I am extremely happy to share with you, after several months of work, my latest treasured project. A project in which I invest a part of my soul: “Anami”.

During the hard months of lockdown, I understood that my support to couples, as a planner and as a psychologist, could and should be more and more extensive and tangible. I spent many weeks thinking about how I could provide further support to the couples who turn to me to realize their wedding under the sign of the “Sicilian dream”, but not only that!

Martina Polimeni’s vision is complementary to mine, as to why, today more than ever, getting married should be first of all a choice to be made from within! Together we decided to make this statement a reality, transforming it into a real space where every couple can prepare for life as a couple. So we gave birth to Anami.

What is Anami?

Anami is the first space in Italy specifically dedicated to pre-marital lay courses, a “place” timeless and boundless, where future spouses can undertake a path to improve their relationship and grow together step by step.

Anami was created to help couples who believe they are ready for the fateful “Yes”, to do so with awareness and joy.

The quest for an ever lively and stimulating relationship is one of the objectives of those who decide to start a journey together, of those who choose to build a future with their loved one.

Often one goes through “no” phases, moments in which one thinks he is not fully understood by the other. Moments in which the flame fades and it is difficult to keep the relationship alive.

In these moments you realize that you have not really worked on the growth of the couple.

Because, you know, our lives are in constant evolution and only by evolving contextually with biological, cultural, social and environmental changes can we build personal awareness.

Who am I and what do I want? What makes me happy? What can I do to improve my life today? These are the questions we all ask ourselves in tough times. And although we don’t always realize it, they are the same answers a couple continues to search for in order to be good together, every day.

The Anami Method: awareness and joy

Anami is the space where the couple can become more conscious of their strengths and their areas of improvement. It is a safe place in which to freely and joyfully confront each other, in the search for a couple’s well-being and a full and satisfying relational life.

The method that we have decided to adopt starts from our own experiences, from the tough times in which the couple has felt the need to restart. That feeling of needing to flourish again together, similar to the flowering of a withered plant that regains vigor if nourished and cultivated.


Anami’s growth paths 

  • are based on positive psychology and mindfulness techniques of which I am a facilitator myself. 
  • are based on the concept that joy should be one of the pillars of marriage
  • consist of simple yet effective exercises to be performed individually and / or in pairs, guided meditations, games, leisure activities all supported by theoretical insights to fill the desire to improve, together.

This is a true training for your mind and body, which will help the couple to always recognize each other and deal with issues, anxieties and little everyday conflicts that in the long run undermine the serenity of life as a couple.

Among the contents there are also meditation sessions and podcasts which are very beneficial for managing emotions, freeing body and mind, becoming more aware and living intensely in the present!

Something extra!

Following, to fully understand Anami’s philosophy, I’ll share with you an excerpt of a long interview I released with Martina to the well-known Sposi Magazine

Where did the need to create a space for additional support for future brides and grooms come from?

“Over the years I gained extensive experience in the world of weddings, and being a psychologist has been of great help. I listened to the concerns and worries of the future bride and groom, and thanks to them this wonderful reality dedicated entirely to the care of the couple was born.” 

“I strongly believe that relationships are the core of our existence; it is precisely there that we seek shelter when we feel alone, when we face problems, or simply when we need someone to listen to us. Anami Space is the reality created precisely to confront, improve, and become a mindful couple.”


What Anami means?

“Anami is not an actual word, it is a lovely, evocative sound.  It is inspired by the Japanese word “Hanami”, which is very often used to refer to the cherry blossoms, but actually has a much deeper and intrinsic meaning.  Hanami means “to enjoy the beauty of spring blossoming trees”, enjoying rebirth. This is exactly what we hope for couples who join the Anami space

“Also, Anami is also “anima” anagram, and reminds of the sound of the word “mani”. Mani (hands) that take care of the soul (anima). And this immediately sounded very much in tune with our vision.”


Are Anami’s courses aimed exclusively at future spouses and couples who opt for a lay wedding?

“Thank you for this question. At Anami, you will essentially find support in building and cementing fulfilling relationships. We deal with doubts and fears together so that couples become aware of their relationship and the life they build step by step together. Anami’s paths help not only future spouses, but also young couples, to improve friendship, intimacy and communication. Not just that, but also more mature couples who wish to renew themselves by continuously discussing the main themes of their relationship, or in general, couples who believe in spending quality time to grow together with lightheartedness and joy.”

“Religious premarital courses do exist in Italy. Such courses are aimed at engaged couples who wish to prepare for their marriage before God because they are moved by a strong faith. This does not mean that the Christian path cannot be integrated with the psychological and spiritual one offered by Anami. What is the religious sacrament if not an indissoluble union driven by common goals and beliefs? Anami can only be an important support in this sense! 

How does one embark on a journey in Anami space?

“You can access Anami space by following the instagram profile anami_percorsidicoppia and purchasing our courses on our website in which you can also find our Blog, the diary of Anami. You can also find us on Facebook and on YouTube, where we regularly update our contents. In short, you won’t have a hard time finding us!”


So, why did I tell you all this?

I believe that Anami is a very ambitious and important project in which I can fully express my professionalism as a psychologist and as a relationship expert. 

It is a parallel project to Sicilian Wedding and Event that, in a broader sense, completes the offer of my services for couples, and explains even better my approach to wedding planning in terms of wedding support!

Anami is definitely an opportunity to get to know me better and to know who you are entrusting the planning of your special day! 


Tania Costantino – Full Service Wedding Planner in Sicily

Ph: Cherìe Studio