Getting married in Salina

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Ámame, compañera. No me abandones. Sígueme. (…)

Però se van tiñendo con tu amor mis palabras.

Todo lo ocupas tú, todo lo ocupas

Pablo Neruda

I do believe that getting married in Salina can be a dream come true for everyone! A unique destination in the world set in the Mediterranean Sea, a blend of images, lights and emotions.

A free and passionate love that finds its maximum expression in the light and clean air of the island and in the warm colors of the sunset. Even the graphic design chosen was inspired by the colors, the scents of the island and the freshness of this love.

The young couple prepared for their special day in an old house built between the first and second half of the 19th century, nowadays one of the most sought after hotels on the island, “an example of rare beauty and unique simplicity“. 

This is the spirit of getting married in Salina, a dream wedding in this island! 

The bride wore her dress in a suite that houses a historic must vat, and then placed her bare feet on an ancient majolica floor. 

She walked with her groom through the streets of the center of Santa Marina, and I can testify that whoever stopped to admire her wished her all the best!

Hand in hand with her groom, wearing her sneakers, she descended to the bottom of the cliff of Pollara, in the Balate beach. The sun colored them in a warm orange with countless shades. The sea with its salt made them feel truly themselves, gave them a sense of freedom and immense joy.

I have accompanied them until the end of this day that we will not easily forget! Creating the right wedding team, coordinating it, supporting it, managing transfers, timing and activities has been a long, exhausting and very emotional job. Their smiles and love made all the rest. 

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Credits: Photo GAP Wedding; Video Gilda Fontana